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Session 5 (Galtar)

Played on Feruary 19th, 2012

27 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

At the end of the morning we arrived at Boulder's camp. During that first day we found out it wasn't as easy to modify a camp to support a hundred people. Our food storage would only last for a week this way, and since it still was winter, even Tharen didn't see much short-term chance in growing food ourself. Vaaluryan went out hunting with a few people, at least that was succesful and we had some fresh meat.

Meanwhile Jouta started to set up a small altar for her goddess. Boulder was commanding people around all day, and decided we should have a meeting right this evening. He only invited a few people to the meeting, not even inviting all his old team members. It was Boulder, Tharen, Vaaluryan, Soniah and me. I asked Jouta if she would also join it, since it felt important to me that she also had a word in this.

After discussing all possibilities the conclusion was clear, we couldn't support this number of people. We just didn't have the resources to keep everyone alive. Maybe if it was another season we had a better chance, but now in the middle of the winter, we had to think of another solution. We decided to give everyone the choice of staying or going to one of the nearby villages. People staying should be able to take care of themself, and willing to fight against the Grayskins.

28 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

The next morning Boulder called everyone together and explained the situation. Because he never planned to free so many people, they weren't prepared for it here. The crowd took it good, and they started to talk to each other. Jouta song a nice song to encourage people to be positive. Not sure about the exact numbers, but about seventy people decided to go to one of the nearby villages, or to friends they thought should be still alive. 2 families and about ten other people wanted to stay and help us fight the Grayskins. I convinced Boulder to help the people leaving to find they way to the villages, so they didn't get lost in the forest.

After that it was time to make new plans. We had a note mentioning that mining facility, which we should check out. Luckely one of the stayers heared of it before and could point us in the right direction. We also had to make some improvements to our camp, and we should raid some Grayskin caravans to gain more resources. So we split the group we had in 2. The two families, 3 of the original members and 3 of the new ones stayed at our camp, the other half went towards the mountains to the mine.
Another problem was that most of our man had Grayskins swords, which i made bad on purpose. So we really should find a forge so i could improve them to a normal quality. So our first goal was to go to a nearby village that had a blacksmith.

29 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We arrived there after a day walk. Tharen went in first to check if there were Grayskin around. It seems there weren't. We entered the village and Boulder started to ask for the major, and that in a village of only 10 houses. Ofcourse he didn't find any. We went to the blacksmith, and i started to explain our situation. After he heared we were from a rebellion army against the Grayskins he invited us inside quickly. It was a big friendly man and it wasn't a problem to use his forge for some time this afternoon. He wasn't a bad blacksmith (for a human) and helped me improving the swords. It took a few hours to do all the work. I also fixed the iron cap i was using. After we were done, i helped him with some of his other work that became delayed because of me. Later that evening we left the village and searched a place for the night.

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