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Session 36 (Jouta)

Elven council

Played on November 11th, 2012

August 19, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

It turned out that the fancy dressed elves actually were a kind of honor guard to the King and Queen of the elves! We were totally shocked in discovering this, as they were dressed in simple decorations that were not obvious at first glance. Luckily we recovered quickly.

As it was already pretty late, this day was spent introducing ourselves to the elves, as well as conveying our intent of freeing Pelycor. All quickly decided to continue the serious talks the day after though.

And so we went back to the guesthouses; or at least Tharen and Boulder went there as they wanted to get a good nights sleep. Soniah, Galtar, and myself were up for a bit more exploration. Galtar was looking for a bar, but he did not find much. Instead, after a bit of a walk, we found ourselves on a platform where some elves were playing some beautiful songs. They reminded me in some way of the goddess, and before I knew it I was dancing along in a rhythm I had never in my life experienced before. Later Galtar told me that he had never seen anything like it; I was quite flattered! In the heat of the moment though I had forgotten all but the existence of the music. It was an experience unlike any other!

After I was exhausted dancing, Galtar convinced me to sing a few of our songs as well. This was well received by the elves even though we lacked Vaal’s flute to accompany us. Apparently our exploits (the subject of our songs) were very interesting to them; Thaithir was able to translate most of it as we were singing.

When we finally got back to the guesthouse we found Boulder and Tharen sleeping, along with a bottle of wine on the floor. The generosity of our hosts once again proven!

The next day we were led to our meeting place. While we expected to talk to the king and queen again, instead we were greeted by general Zalyna Ruatharevar. She was to talk to us about the details of our plans, and then advise the king and queen of these details. From her we heard that the elves were on the fence about attacking already; the greyskins were busy deforesting the edges at a lumber camp called Carnthor.

We were eager to help the elves reclaim their own property, and so we promised to help free Carnthor as well. With that, Zalyna and the king and queen agreed to give us the use of a regiment of elvish archers, a gift very well received. It would take two days for them to get ready.

Zalyna also mentioned the existence of an elvish library at the city of Claibrarafal, containing more details about the goddess and magic in general. Soniah in particulay was very interested; however Claibrarafal was at least two days out from the main city, and we did not really have the time to go into that now. So we decided to simply wait for the elvish archers to get ready, and leave with them back to Northmeadow, where we would await the arrival of the Pelycor scouts and hear what they would have to say.

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