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Session 34 (Jouta)

Back to Northmeadow

Played on September 30th, 2012

July 19, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

With that we turned back to Choskan city. There we met with the city mayor, Orisa. We tried to convince her that joining BRAWL was beneficial for both of us, but she stated that the independence of Choskan meant a lot to them. So instead we negotiated a mutual trade agreement. Choskan would deliver 90% of the mined ore to BRAWL. In exchange, we would provide Choskan with food and security.

With that we decided to be on our way again. We tried to recruit people from Choskan to join our cause. Other than that we set out for Northmeadow. Luckily the journey back was uneventful.

Upon arrival, Boulder was greeted rather vehemently by Temperance, who apparently had missed her lover. What he sees in her I still do not know but the couple is happy...

The next day was spent telling Lucretia about our Choskan affairs. She approved of the Choskan deal. Then we set out planning our next move; after a relatively small discussion we decided to free Pelycor from the greyskin presence.

We also sent Isabeau, along with some protection, back to the dwarves. She seemed eager to go and it would improve our relationship with those valued allies, and she said her goodbye’s on the 8th of August.

When it was clear that we would indeed go free Pelycor, Vaal sent out his scouts to check out the surrounding area and the greyskin presence. This would take at least two weeks as it was a one week ride there, and one week back.

To free Pelycor it would help for us to have assistance from the elves. With that in mind we planned to set out ourselves to the Elvish domain. The question was, which route to take.

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