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Session 20 (Soniah)

Planning, Incitement and Assassination

Played on June 10th, 2012

May 5, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Our show in the Clueless Geisha Tavern was very successful! Sometimes I have the feeling we are better at entertaining than leading a revolt. Oh well, every chance to dance is fine by me. I think we need some more information about the time so Jouta and me spent some time trying to get some more information from the richer patrons of this bar. I hate to admit it, but Jouta seems to be a little bit better at this than me. Jouta picked up some interesting gossip: Apparently, Nigel Radcliffe a trader in luxury goods has been robbed. After asking around what they think about the orcish oppression here, it seems the patrons don't mind the orcs too much. They manage to keep their wealth and status and are afraid for anytning which might disrupt the status quo! No wonder I don't like them!

Jouta, Galtar and me had the idea that we could use our performances to actually incite the crowds into starting to rebel against the orcs! Galtar and Jouta spent some hours making up a new heroic epic song about our activities in Choskan and I devised some choreography to accompany it. We decided to find a new poorer venue to try it out. After some persuasion I managed to get Vaal to join too, but he wasn't too thrilled about it. He also seemed to carving the wood in his room! Elves!

The show in the next inn, the Wet Wet Torturer Tavern, was a big success. The people in the inn were already more sympathetic with our goals, but after they heard about the BLA activities in Choskan they became even more rebellious! Inspired by our success we started to compose our second epic song about the freeing of Galtar, Jouta and me. Boulder did some socializing and tried to excite the mob even further. He heard an awful story! A beggar, named Oscar has been arrested for the robby of Nigel Radcliffe! He has been seen around town spending recently acquired riches. Isn't that the beggar Vaal gave some money to? Everybody expects Maglug to come to town the day after tomorrow to chop off his hands in a public display on town square. He didn't even commit the crime! We must stop his punishment AND kill Maglug in the process!

May 6, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

After a good night's sleep in our posh inn, we spent the day planning out the attack on Maglug. In the end we decided that Vaal would find a good hiding spot on a rooftop on the square, so he could assassinate Maglug from there. Tharen would be in charge of freeing Oscar and making sure he escapes unharmed. I will create a diversion as soon as Maglug reaches the stand by blowing up one of the ships laden with alcohol. As everyone is checking that out Jouta will make Maglug stand still so Vaal can unleash a barrage of arrows, hopefully killing him quickly. Boulder will signal all this by raising his fist.

Happy with our plan and preparations, we spent the night performing our epic songs in several other inns, among them the Thirsty Witch. Our second epic song was well-received but not as good as the first one, so we need to tweak the second one a bit more, I guess.

May 7, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

After breakfast, we quickly moved into our positions near the square. Vaal on the rooftop, Tharen under the stand, Boulder and Jouta in the crowd. I'll be in an alley just off the harbor. After waiting about an hour, an expedition arrives from the keep. Maglug was clearly in it. Maglug seemed to be a big bulky orc, we really liked to show off his power. We'll see if we can deflate his puffed-up ego with some arrows.

As Maglug arrived at the stand, Boulder raises his fists and shouts something I can't hear. Quickly, I set a barge filled with alcohol on fire. After a short burn, it explodes with a satisfying Kaboom! Nice! Everybody looks at the waterside, peeking around the corner, I see Maglug stand oddly still. Knowing where to look, I can just see Vaal releasing his first arrow...

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