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Session 15 (Vaaluryan)

Death of a caravan

Played on May 6th, 2012

April 15, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

It took a while, but we finally found the perfect ambush spot. Surrounded by some nice high spots to shoot from afar, a forest and some other places to hide for the ground troops and a ditch for Boulder to hide in. Simply perfect.
And same as last time it was going to be me that would go ahead and look for a proper caravan to ambush. But this time we had some more time to properly prepare. We had a better plan and I was given a little more instructions about what to do when I spotted a caravan.

I made my way forward, looking for a nice spot to sit and wait. It took me a while to get there though, especially because I both wanted to have an inconspicuous place and a good view ahead. The road was almost straight and was slightly sloping down. I sat down on a rock between some trees and prepared myself to wait.
There were few travellers and it took a while for a caravan to appear on the horizon. I was in luck, it was only three wagons, the maximum wagons we decided on raiding. I took my time to have a proper look, I had to be sure these were grey skins and a good estimate of how many of them there were would help as well. I counted about fifteen when I decided they were getting to close, if they got closer there was a chance they might see me and guess my intentions.

I nonchalantly made my way towards the road. At least, I hoped I was being nonchalantly. I wasn't the greatest actor. I almost didn't notice I was increasing my pace as I made my way back to the group. There was no need walking faster, I would easily outdistance the caravan at their speed. I arrived at the spot where Boulder was waiting, it actually took me a bit of time before I could see the rest of the group. I told Boulder what we were up against and how long it would take them to get here. Then I made my way to the top of one of the surrounding hills and prepared by bow for action.

It was a tough fight this time, we lost even more men than last time. It might have helped if Boulder would stop being so pigheaded and wore a helm. It took a greyskin one good hit to the head and he was down and out of the fight. Only good thing was this time there were no greyskins coming for me directly, I could easily pick my shots. Specially when I learned that the pincussion I took down was being held still by Jouta. Truly blessed by the Goddess she was.

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