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Session 30 (Jouta)

In the hall of the Mountain King

Played on September 2nd, 2012

June 19, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

As soon as we entered Ugium Mordale, Kazric took us to our guest lodges, and told us that we were expected that evening for a celebration.

That evening we joined the celebrations. We had free food and drinks. To return the favor we decided to do a performance for the dwarves, which was well received.

During the talks afterwards the advisor of the king, Rordred, came to us and asked about the goddess. I was happy to explain a bit, but it seemed that he was still very skeptical about “the return” (even though she never left us, of course). He did have a nice brew of tea which (I'm ashamed to admit) made me a bit more forward than I would have liked afterwards. We did have a very nice evening together though!

Apparantly Galtar had had some tea as well; he really was not in the mood for talking; instead he was clearly enjoying the sights of the female dwarves at the festivities.

The next day we were summoned to the kings chambers. The king himself, Tomor Legslasher, was of course present, as was Rordred, and another advisor called Gotrog.

Galtar started the negotiations. It appeared that the king himself did not want to talk; he let his advisors do all the talking, and then mostly Rordred took the lead.

As for Rordred, he came back to the subject of magic and the gods. He clearly was not satisfied with Galtars explanation that the goddess had returned. I did not manage to convince him either.

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