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Session 2 (Vaaluryan)

"The mines"

Played on January 15th, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

I looked up, it was a long way up from where we were standing. We could see that there were ledges up there, but getting there was going to be another challenge. Climbing wasn't really too much of an issue with me, but it just didn't feel right to climb mountains. Give me a forest with trees any day. Good that Tharen was there as well, and even better that he was smart enough to carry a rope with him. He scampered to the first ledge and threw down the rope. I was willing to climb up with the rope so I was up there quickly enough. But the rest of the group was having a lot more trouble with the way up.
This was a moment for Boulder, he was good at motivating people, even though he had his own quirky ways of doing it. One by one the rest started to climb upwards. But I guess we should have left Harry down there to guard the way back, he just wasn't good at climbing, he never was. But we were a small group and Boulder decided we needed all of us up there, there were a lot of greyskins up there somewhere and we needed everyone if things went bad. He was almost all the way up when he lost his grip and bounced of a protruding rock and fell down, all the way down, past Boulder and into the raging river at the bottom of the cliff. If he wasn't dead from inpact, he would probably not survive the strong current of the river.
The group took a moment of silence to respect Harry, he was a good man, he didn't even scream going down. He knew that might alarm any greyskins in the area and fell to a quiet death. He might not be an elf, but that deserved respect.

But we had to continue and Boulder was still down there. He stayed down not only to mentally help the group, but the other reason was that he obviously wasn't that good in climbing himself either. I sat down over the edge to enjoy the show. Though Boulder decided to dissapoint me and called up for us to actually pull him up. Ah well, can't have it all.
Another climb to the next ledge, which luckily happened without accident, brought us to several options to go. This ledge held two entrances into the mountain, a ropeladder leading to yet another ledge, and it seemed the ledge went around the bend at one end to more possible locations. Boulder ordered Tharen and me to have a look around. Tharen went inside the entrance and I had a look around the bend. I didn't take a long look but it appeared the ledge didn't actually go anywhere and was blocked at the end by the waterfall leading down to the river below. Tharen found a gate inside one of the entrances which locked from the outside, this could only mean a storage location, either for people or for equipment.

Boulder ordered us in to have a look with me making the rear defense. I was hoping to stay outside as long as possible and if I had to actually go in that I could be out as fast as possible. The gate was easily opened and brought the group to an open area with no other exits. Perfect timing to walk back towards the entrance and stand guard there as there was no threat from inside as there were only the prisoners inside. I would be looking for an older human woman when they got out. But for now the mission is more important, I would be able to question the prisoners later when we were all out. Tharen told me later that inside Boulder did one of his 'expert' handling of the situation tricks and brought freed the prisoners to be escorted through our way out with part of our group. Unlucky for us Galtar was not among the prisoners. Some human child called Jouta was as concerned about Galtar as we were though and she was able to tell us where Galtar was. She told us Galtar had a bad day and was taken to an isolation cell near the waterfall. We made our way to the waterfall and indeed there behind the waterfall was another heavy door leading to a cell.
This proved not to be a challenge for Tharen. His nimble fingers seemed to be almost made for things like this. Things seemed to go quite well for us so I made my way back to the corner to keep watch. The door was pulled open and a dwarf tumbled out. It was just a small cell, the dwarf was just able to stand inside. He instantly recognised Boulder and greeted him. But the happyness was quickly squashed as Tharen spotted a line attached to the door leading upwards. Some kind of alarm system had been tripped and greyskins were sure to come.
We quickly made our way back but greyskins were already climbing down the rope ladder and we were drawn into combat. Time to make by bow sing and rid the world of some lowly greyskins..

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