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Session 25 (Jouta)

"By force or by stealth"

Played on July 22nd, 2012

May 8, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

It turned out that the rest had quite a story to tell -- they were watching Etherington's mansion when a carriage with closed curtains arrived and was allowed inside the gates. This they found suspicious, but after a short time the gates opened again and out sped a messenger on a horse.

For what reason I still do not know, but Vhaal desperately wanted to prevent a message to Un'donna, and therefore he took to his bow and arrows and shot the messenger (in the back!). Not an agreeable action to me, but the damage was already done. In no time the guards took to Soniah, Tharen, Boulder and Vhaal and apparently combat ensued.

Luckily, while taking a lot of damage, they managed to subdue two guards. This did involve Soniah revealing her magic side, for she needed to set herself on fire to do so. At least this prompted a surrender from the rest. After the battle they were led inside where they met... Lucretia!

Apparently Lucretia got involved herself after she had heard that Etherington was not about to go along with the plan, so she hopped in her carriage to pay him a visit. By now she had forcibly taken control of the mansion, which also explained the rather quick surrender.

Of course, we (Galtar, the Chauncey's, Winthorpe and myself) only learned about all of this after we had a visit from one of Lucretia's guards. He asked us to come and join the rest at Etherington's mansion, which we did. There we had a meal during which we had a chance to gather all this information.

When all was made clear to everyone, we proceeded to finalize the plans for our current mission. After a lot of talk, it was agreed that we would strike two days from now. Lucretia and Garret finally admitted the fact that there was indeed a tunnel from the city to the keep -- they knew about it because they had inherited the key!

After some deliberation, we decided that we would let the merchants armies and all willing locals threaten the keep at the entrance. Then, we would sneak in through the tunnel, open the gate to let the army in, and proceed to assassinate Un'donna in the resulting chaos.

We would need two days to prepare because a lot of people were injured during the battle with the guards. Because Galtar was not injured, he took it upon himself to examine the tunnel and its condition. It turned out that both at the entrance and at the exit, the key was needed, but the tunnel was still in a good condition.

Other than that, people took the time to rest and sleep well. I tried to help and tended to some wounds whenever possible.

May 9, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

At the end of the first day, we had another meeting. We changed plans slightly: we decided that instead of showing the army, we would hide it in boats on the river. That way we could open the gate in the night, and they could sneak in on the unsuspecting greyskins!

Furthermore two teams would sneak in through the tunnel: one composed of NMU / merchant guards, they would open the gate. We would be just behind and go straight for the assassination of Un'donna.

May 10, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so we arrived at the evening of the second day, at the entrance of the tunnel in NMU headquarters!

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