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Session 27 (Jouta)

"Undon'a overthrown!"

Played on August 5th, 2012

May 10, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Even with Undon'a frozen, her minions were not about to give up. Soniah was hit by a lot of arrows and was bleeding from multiple wounds. Galtar got hit so hard that he took some wounds as well, a rare occurrence. Boulder got hit on the head again by the men with halberds and had a slash across his forehead. Still, he managed to make it to the frozen Undon'a to try and throw her out of the window. Unfortunately he was stopped by a blow from one of the axemen.

Someone from our side managed to hit a blow on the head of Undon'a in all the chaos, and this made her fall down, hopefully for some time. Her minions were well trained, not all of them scattered, so we had to proceed and kill a few more before the rest of them finally thought of fleeing.

Once the room was clear Boulder made a statement of throwing the (unconscious?) Undon'a out of the window. I was unfortunately unable to stop him, for I did not see the point, but at least now we were sure that she was dead.

With sounds of battle still everywhere we quickly decided to check out the top of the tower as well, in case another leader was present there. We found a nicely furnished room, apparently Undon'a's quarters. No one was present, but we did find some sheets of written paper apparently detailing the local taxes and who paid them. I took them with me, wiht the intent of detailing any local merchants who might be still interested in siding with the greyskins.

We went back down to see whether we could help with the larger battle, but when we arrived it was clear that all was nearly over. With the last remnants of the greyskins scattered, and either dying or fleeing, Boulder started a speech for the victors. It appeared that we took no major losses, so our plan had worked!

After a short time, Lucretia arrived by carriage, and congratulated us and herself on a job well done. We headed back to Northmeadow for a good night's sleep.

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