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Session 3 (Vaaluryan)

"Free em all!"

Played on January 29th, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

If it wasn't for the two bigger greyskins giving the group orders the whole group would have probably ran away immediately after my arrows fell in their midst and Boulder let out that fearful shout. I guess the almost comical sight of the thundering dwarf with the small dagger would have been impressive as well if he held a more appropriate weapon. Except from Boulder going almost berserk on one of the bigger ones the fight was over quickly enough.
Before the fight was over Tharen had already checked out the second entrance and came back telling us there were more prisoners in there. We quickly freed them and divided the extra weapons over the abled men and women.

They didn't want to leave though as they told us that more people were on the main plateau. Up there were the elders and their children and they would have to be rescued aswell. And no complaining from me as I hadn't found any clue as of yet either. One level upwards and we found the smithy, Galtar quickly grabbed some of the easier carryable gear. The crazy man was even thinking of taking the anvil with him. He left it for now, but there was no telling if he would still leave it behind when we passed this place again. The next level brought us to the the armoury and a safebox holding some good weapons. The dwarf grabbed an axe from out of the box. Well that was quite an improvement from the dagger, he looked satisfiyingly threatening now. Better watch out greyskins, the dwarf might want to even the score pretty soon.

One more rope ladder leading up onto more level ground. It was still mostly dark but I was happy I had a better view of the world. Too bad we would have to go back this way again to leave. We made our way down the main path past the watermill towards the other side of the barracks where the door leading to the rest of the prisoners was. They were released easily enough, but when we made our way back to the ladders with the group alarms could be heard coming from the main keep. The greyskins were coming and we didn't have enough time to safely lead the group downwards. We were in for another fight. Boulder, with the advice from the friend dwarf, quickly decided on the best way to defend the group and we made ourselves ready for them. I guess they weren't properly awake, because they sure weren't ready for my arrows, Tharen's dagger, Boulder's sword, the dwarfs axe and what I later learned to be Soniah's fiery skills.

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