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Session 41 (Jouta)

The Liberation of Carnthor

Played on December 16th, 2012

September 20, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Soniah felt it was best to simply surround Carnthor and then attack. Boulder felt we could even burn the whole town if that was easier. However I thought the town belonged to the elves, so burning it down was a no-go. Luckily someone was able to confirm that the elves had once lived in Carnthor as well, and even though today it was not an option because of the widespread destruction of the forest, surely one day the trees would return.

That convinced them to take it a bit easier. We also heard from a scout that the south side of Carnthor was not as well defended as the northside (with many thanks to Zalyna). So we simply set off, after a quick days rest, and decided to march on the southside and see how it goes.

That did prove to be a bit too quickly though. We attacked as soon as we arrived, but there were many more Greyskins than we expected. Zalyna and her elves were surprised by our attack, and could not help us by simultaneously attacking from the north. And so we were driven back pretty quickly.

Desperately, we set up a camp. Boulder orded the whole of Carnthor to be surrounded however possible. We also learned that the area to the west of Carnthor was pretty swampy.

During the night we had a lively discussion about what to do next. Our army was weakened from the constant fighting, and morale was not very high due to the setback today. However, we now had a better plan: we would use the siege engines to the north. In the middle of the discussion, Zalyna entered and told us that she would gladly help, but that she did need a notification in order to do so meaningfully. We apologized and made sure that the next day, she could help in covering the siege engines to the north. The axes would join Zalyna as well.

The Sinister Operatives would attack through the swampy area to the west, along with some of the warlocks. And while everyone was busy on those fronts, a large part of the army would attack the south again as well. With that, we went to have a short nights sleep.

The next day the battle went our way pretty much. Sure, the Greyskins were not defeated yet but we did deal a major blow. Unfortunately, our army was now very much exhausted, and having yet another day of battle was pretty much a no-no.

It was all up to Soniah to convince everyone that we really needed to press on now. We had to muster our courage, she told us, for the Greyskins were very weak themselves, and if we simply cut off their resources they would in time be able to recover enough to present a big force again.

And so it was that we devised the plan for the third day: we would rest deep into the twilight of the next day, hopefully making the Greyskins think that we would not attack that day. Then we would attack from multiple sides at once.

Boulder made sure that the whole army knew about the plan. He also held a heartwarming inspirational speech about this being our last chance to free Carnthor.

Along with Soniahs battle insight, and the fact that the Greyskins were severely weakened, this meant a victory for us on the third day, without too many casualties. Carnthor was free!

The next day was spent resting, mostly. Boulder did want to interrogate one of the Greyskins, and he learned that all the wood that they gathered was destined for Grumgot again “by order of Ogzog”, whoever he was. I later learned that Boulder dispatched of the Greyskin quickly, an act of which I did not approve.

However in the evening, we had a visit from a scout who insisted on talking to Boulder alone. Obviously we considered ourselves privileged to the same information, but she was insistent. Boulder shoved us all out, and then heard her story. Soon afterwards we were asked back in, and Boulder told us what she had told him: apparently all resources such as ore and wood were sent to Grumgot in order to make a war machine or siege engine of some kind. What exactly was not clear, but it was nearly done, and about 4 days ago a messenger was sent from Griffinvale to Grumgot in order to move whatever it was back to Griffinvale. The scout was sent from Dame Quelista, and the dame urged us to intercept the warmachine before it reached Griffinvale, as it would be a lot harder to capture the capital if the warmachine reached it before we did…..

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