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Session 7 (Jouta)


Played on March 5th, 2012

March 1st, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so we set out with the caravans, back to our woods. The journey back was mostly uneventful, except for Forestview where we had to go through the little town. As we were known there but did not want to draw too much attention, Boulder made John and Belham drive the horses, while we stayed inside.

It turned out nearly no-one was interested in our little troupe, except for one person, who John neatly brushed off with a made up story about us being some kind of merchants. A kid tried to follow us for a time and get a peek inside the wagons, but I managed to divert his attention by throwin a coin out of Tharens purse at him.

March 2nd, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

In the evening we arrived at the entrance to our hidden camp. We could not very well take the wagons inside the woods as they would leave a gigantic trail to be followed to our base. Boulder therefore decided we would leave the wagons here. Unfortunately Vaaluryan had already gone ahead to the camp, and he was the best at making sure we did not leave tracks; so Boulder asked us to carry as much weight on foot as we could to the camp. I tried my best but in the end it was Galtar that did a lot of the heavylifting.

It took us two more trips to unload all of the wagons to the camp, and in the meantime Vaaluryan managed to hide the wagons a little ways into the forest, covered by as much bush as could be found.

Then we held a small feast to celebrate our first victory as a team! Boulder even managed to tell a rousing tale of victory, which managed to ease the pain of the losses of Jack, Bill and Mary. Afterwards Vaaluryan started playing the flute, and I felt the urge to sing a victory song, which helped to lift the spirits as well. And so we went to bed after a long day.

March 21st, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

The next three weeks were spent building and using all the materials that we obtained during the raid. I managed to help out here and there but I have never been that good with ore and fire, and most of the attention was to the new smithy that we needed Galtar to man.

Instead I tried to ease the goddess, by building my own altar in a secluded spot in the forest near the base. I tried to mimic my own little spot in the forest near the camp, but make it more encompassing. I was surprised to find Tharen there to help me on a lot of days. He is good with his hands and his contributions definitely helped shape my place. The end result was so soothing and comforting that I nearly did not want to go away again. But in the end the knowledge that lots of people were still living in mines and camps not unlike my own did make me resolve to help them in whatever way I can. I am sure that they will then also see the way of the goddess.

Which reminds me, I also had an interesting conversation about the goddess with the elf in charge of our camp, Kalamael, and Vaaluryan, about their beliefs. Apparently every elf at one time was a believer, but they tell me that some have lost their faith after the 21 years after the departure. However Vaal also apparently believes that I am the only one alive still in contact with the goddess; that is certainly a crazy thought, or at least it must be. I refuse to believe this, it cannot be true -- surely I cannot be the last remaining true believer? Then again, what does that mean? I can see that Vaal himself is convinced of his beliefs, but he claims to have lost all contact.... I tried to shrug it off but secretly I worry. I need to know more; I hope that we find more followers at the other camp.

For that is where we were now headed, back through Forestview onwards to Choskan. The journey itself was uneventful and we managed to make it there pretty quickly.

March 26st, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Near Choskan Boulder suddenly decided that we needed some explanation for the really obvious weapons that everyone was carrying. While I did agree with him, I wondered why he thought of that only now -- after all if we had encountered a Greyskin patrol, we would have needed such a story already. But anyway, after some discussion, Tharen suggested that we could be a troupe of merrymakers. This was met with universal appeal and everyone assumed a new role which often included said weapons. I am looking forward to the show where Vaal will attempt to shoot at an apple atop Tharens head!

With that cover agreed upon, we entered the city. It was a hodgepodge of stone houses, built at peculiar angles. The streets were rather empty, not even that many Greyskin patrols to be seen -- but to be sure we went the other way if we spotted them. But then for me it was a real sight, to see so many houses at once and so many people living in relative freedom. It was hard to imagine life as it once was.

We made our way to the first inn we spotted, the Verz Inn. There Boulder negotiated with the innkeeper and we landed a spot. That evening we even put up a performance of some kind, although my voice was not as good as it needed to be due to the rigors of travel. Galtar made up for it in rowdiness, although the crowd did not seem to be in the mood very much.

Meanwhile Soniah was gathering information from the people assembled. She learned that the city is governed by Seigneur Malenam, and that the mining facility we were looking for was a one hour walk starting from the opposite part of the town. The Greyskins use the mining facility as a prison base, while still allowing the natives of Choskan jobs to help mine as well. The Greyskin from the note, Rolin, was in charge of the facility. There seemd to be someone called Orisa Itetia as well, and a Dane Aodi Lightquartz, but I am not sure about their roles in it all -- other than that they are high ranked humans that defer to the Greyskins. Despicable.

Finally, after his singing, Galtar also learned that the mine was made by humans, not dwarves; it was created long before the departure and Choskans main export was based off it. The mine is worked in two shifts.

With that we called it a night and headed to bed.

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