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Session 29 (Jouta)

To the dwarves

Played on August 19th, 2012

June 14, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

So as the weeks passed, slowly a plan to free Choskan emerged from our regular meetings. To confirm all of this, we held a meeting on the 14th of june with not only our group, but with representatives of the local organisations of Northmeadow as well; the combined forces of which would now be known as BRAWL. Present were Lucretia, Deirdre, Rumlia, Garrett, Caroline, Marcus, Stella, Innogen, Etherington and Chester. From our side Boulder, Soniah, Galtar, and myself attended.

After some discussion we all agreed to do the following:

  • Fimbur would check the back entrance to Choskan, to see whether it was still free from Greyskin guards. We intended to send Auric with him but he really did not want to, so instead Auric got to oversee the construction of our siege engines.
  • Some of our people would infiltrate in Choskan itself
  • We would build a wagon that appeared to hold us prisoner, but in reality it would be easy for the “prisoners” to let the sides of the wagon fall off.
  • This wagon would be accompanied by 40 of our BRAWL mercenaries, who would pretend to have captured us
  • Our target was to get the mercenaries, the wagon and ourselves inside so that we could potentially slay Rolin. Of course there was a chance that he would be at the mines.
  • To prevent the Greyskins at the mines from reinforcing, we would request the aid of the dwarves. We hoped that they could simultaneously enter the mines from the back entrance, causing confusion at that site.
  • The rest of the army would wait below the main entrance of Choskan out of sight, in case our ruse with the wagon would not work. It would be equipped with siege engines, so in the worst case we could set up a siege of Choskan from the front.
  • Because all of the above still would take some time to set up, we ourselves would go to the dwarves as ambassadors, hopefully they could help out with freeing Choskan.

And so it was that we set out to leave for the dwarves on the 15th. We were joined by a clumsy young woman named Isabeau Tharp; she was to be our diplomat and translator for the dwarves. We were a bit confused as to why she was needed, but she was obviously looking forward to it and we might need her expertise.

We needed three days to arrive at the entrance to the dwarven area, at the foot of a giant mountain. We arrived at the first dwarven city Blackstone, on the way to the main dwarven city Ugium Mordale, the day after. At Blackstone we met Kazric the dwarf, who took us along to Ugium Mordale in another two days.

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