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Session 5 (Vaaluryan)

A camp, some people and not a lot of food.

Played on Feruary 19th, 2012

27 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

'Oh my oh my, this was one of those useless days. First I had to go out hunting for the group again, because we sure as hell couldn't feed the group of people we rescued and after that we had this boring meeting about what we were going to do to keep these people alive. It was winter, and our local expert told us this was not a good time to grow any food. Our local expert being Tharen didn't help too much either, though it seemed his parents tried to force the farming ways into him he sure wasn't interested into it. He was willing to share some knowledge, but he sure wasn't going to pitch in and actually do any of the work. Couldn't they just eat shrubberies or treebark? Why the special food? Good thing actually, if that was so there would probably not be any tree left in the world outside of Veranwold.
This day didn't give me much time to ask around if anyone was aware of anyone called Krillas. It was decided that most of the people would be leaving to the surrounding villages to start their lives anew. This would give me even less time to find out where this Krillas woman was. So when the meeting was over I made my way towards the group. Most people were asleep and of the people that were awake I didn't learn much, so I would have to ask around tomorrow again.

28 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Starting of with a boring meet again. I watched Boulder tell the group of people what was decided yesterday. It actually gladdened me that some of the people choose to stay behind and join the cause. Which I am not quite sure what it might be, but it probably has to do with Boulder's idea to drive the Greyskins back to their own lands. Quite an undertaking, but he is fierce enough to do it, if he doesn't get himself killed in some small skirmish somewhere. Our group grew bigger and we would be able to leave some people behind this time to guard and supply the camp. I questioned half of the group that was being escorted outside of the forest to the east. One person was able to tell me that there actually was someone called Krillas in the mine but hadn't seen him for ages. This didn't bode well for this line of search. To question the other part of the group I had to take up the task of escorting them outside of the forest and into the westlands. This took most of the day but got me some good information. I was saddened to learn Krillas died in the camp, but she left a daughter behind. None other than the woman called Jouta. She was actually called Jouta Krillasdaughter, if I had heard more than her first name I might have saved me some time. Ah well. She would be going with us to the mining facility tomorrow, so if I wasn't able to talk to her today I would surely be able to talk to her along the way. Things were looking up!
Well, it was going to be along the way. I came back to the camp after the group already had dinner and they told me Jouta had excused herself to pray. Pray! Pray you hear me! That was just the word I was hoping to hear. This means she prayed, and probably prayed to someone. This might mean she is a follower of the Goddess! I was so excited! But I surely couldn't disturb her praying, that just wasn't fitting. What would the Goddess think of me? Ah well. Along the way would be just fine, I am in no hurry.

29 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We left early that next day, we were to go to a nearby village first. The village was known to have a smithy and we needed to fix our weapons. Most of the new weapons were created by Galtar, but they were created for the Greyskins. It wasn't obvious, but they all had a minor defect in the blade. The weapons were difficult to handle and weren't as effective as a well balanced weapon as well. Galtar would be able to fix them in a smithy, at least if he was allowed to do so. We arrived at the village nearing the evening and I decided to excuse myself from the group going into the village and make my way around it. Human village with their cramped houses just didn't make me feel comfortable. I didn't see what happened inside, but they came out with better weapons afterwards. A good day I say. Time to continue our voyage.

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