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Session 14 (Vaaluryan)

Where do we go from here?

Played on April 29th, 2012

April 13, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We had a few more people, the odds were getting better, but the ideas were getting unproportionally bigger as well. Taking Choskan and making it our base of our operations being the worst if you asked me. I wasn't really big in the strategy department, but it sounded a bit far off to me. Not that I wouldn't support Boulder if he wanted to do it anyway, I would probably be stupid enough to die in the effort as well. And it was probably better than doing nothing as well, doing nothing would kill our boldness and confidence like nothing ever would.

We needed smaller plans, plans to get us more followers and more intelligence of where the weaker spots in the Greyskin rule were. I liked the idea of killing the highplaced Greyskin and Eraldiri, at least I would be doing something with my bow. But our new found friends had some good ideas as well. We needed some more things to professionalise our band of freedom fighters. To be more exact, we were far below professionalism, our new compatriots were still in rags. Galtar would be using the catured metal to create proper weapons, but we needed matching clothes and armor. Luckily we freed a clothier, but we would still need cloth and time before we got there. Would he be able to make armor as well? No idea, but I would guess we need some help with that as well..

So, after a long far too open discussion, in the spirit of freedom and choice for everyone Boulder asked everyone to join a meeting about what we were going to do, we decided on doing something about the three most pressing topics. We needed to upgrade our equipment, find more food and get some proper intelligence of the world. And as we had almost no intelligence whatsoever it wouldn't really matter where we were going to get it. Ths brought us to our first plan for our campaign to take back Tyracia. We were going to capture us some Greyskin caravans, take the stuff and question the Greyskins.

Simple enough plan, now to find out how useful our new magic using friends are. There were four of them, one being the elf I got to know during the last few days. He confided in me that he was a magic user a bit back and during the meeting Deirdre told the rest he was one of them as well. I liked them being magic users but it totally confused me they weren't linking it to the Goddess. I was still convinced it all come through the Goddess, but with now both the new ones and Soniah telling us it comes from inside of them somehow I was thoroughly confused. So there was still only one link to the Goddess in the world. And that link was Jouta, I was glad she had joined our group because I didn't know what I would do if she and Boulder would go their seperate ways. Who would I follow? I needed the solidness of Boulder and the link to the Goddess of Jouta both. At least until I found my own or other ways to the Goddess. This wasn't enough to return to my ancestral forest yet, I need more. I know I will get it, but I felt trying times were still ahead of me.
These thoughts kept me from missing the last part of what was spoken about at the meet, but I would learn soon enough I guess. We would be leaving soon, some place where we could easily ambush a caravan and get what we need.

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