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Session 38 (Jouta)

Moving to Pelycor

Played on November 25th, 2012

September 6, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

While we waited for the army to gather, Soniah and Boulder devised a plan to be able to communicate the required movements of the seven companies quickly during the battle: Soniah and the mages would set off various fireworks in the sky, depicting icons for the companies and a move they should make using arrows and such. It seemed a bit complicated but it was received well.

Vaal would leave a bit earlier, on the 7th, just behind Rumlia who was sent off to scout Carnthor and surroundings as well.

On the 8th we set off ourselves, by foot, along with all the gathered companies. The journey was fairly uneventful. On the 11th we met Rumlia, who told us that Carnthor was swarming with Greyskins. That was probably the result of the elves’ efficiency.

The next day Boulder was informed of a bit of trouble in Marcus’ company. Apparently they were unsure whether the warlocks would do their part once the day of the fight was. The atmosphere there was definitely not good, so I took it upon myself to sing a few songs to lighten the mood. It did not help as much as I hoped, but they did appreciate the gesture from what I could tell.

Boulder meanwhile asked Tharen to dig for the underlying reason for the bad moods, which he did by hiding himself and moving around the company.

While Tharen was away, one of Marcus’ men arrived at Boulders tent and told Boulder that he wanted to be reassigned. Boulder granted him permission to move to his company. Apparently him and Marcus did not get along too well…

Tharens report was delivered in the night, which Boulder did not appreciate that much. It came down to most people being a bit scared of the warlocks magic, although most of that vibe emanated from Marcus’ company.

Boulder decided to address all companies the next morning. It would mean a bit of a delay as gathering all companies would not be instantaneous, but he wanted to avoid souring the mood of the whole army.

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