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Session 10 (Jouta)


Played on March 25th, 2012

March 29th, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Our show that night had a good showing, maybe due to the fact that we had already entertained a lot of the miners in Choskan. We did a lot of the same tricks, so that worked out well. Unfortunately Boulder decided to add a performance of his own - he was determined to duel one of the Greyskins as some sort of show. Then he proceeded to lay out some rules, but promptly ignore them himself. This resulted in the Greyskin hitting Boulder first, and hard, on the head -- so our glorious leader hit the ground. It did manage to get some people to laugh but at the same time I had to wince at the damage done. Hopefully Boulder would be strong enough the day after to attempt our rescue...

March 30th, 21 Years After the Departure (AtD)

When I woke up the next morning, it appared that both Tharen and Soniah had used a part of the night to investigate some more of the facility. Apparently the building where we found the Greyskin leader was also the prison, and Soniah managed to make contact with a prisoner inside. She was told that the best time to break them free was once they were on transport to or from the mine.

This news lead to a long discussion. We were not entirely sure what to do because we were not sure if there was another way out of the mine, besides the ones we saw from here. When I asked some of the miners (who were preparing to enter the mines for their second day), I was told that today somebody would come who knew more about the mines than anyone else. I was determined to find Fimbur when he arrived so I waited just inside the entrance for the next shift to arrive.

Unfortunately Fimbur was a pretty suspicious character. He did not want to provide us with any information without him knowing what we were planning and therefore in the end I confided in him that we wanted to free the prisoners. He was pretty incredulous about it but at least he was sure that there was another way out.

Once Boulder heard that there really was another way out, he rounded out his plan as follows: both Fimbur and us would wait inside the mine the next morning, before the next shift. Once the prisoners passed them inside, Soniah would set off a lot of smoke etc. to pretend that there was a fire inside. We could then make off with the prisoners without having to deal with a lot of the Greyskins ourselves. So that was what we were going to do.

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