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Session 4 (Vaaluryan)

"Oh no, not back through those caves again!"

Played on Feruary 12th, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

'Yowser' I yelped as a flaming sphere comes flying by and erupts in one of the group of greyskins. Did we have some sort of fire throwing contraption on our side, I couldn't remember any. I kept my arrows flying though, no time to check it out, if they were killing Greyskins they must be on our side. Fight now, check out later.
Two groups led by one big Greyskin bastard, not undoable, but the one group deciding I am a big enough threat and coming straight for me is not a good thing in my book. Just a few more arrows and then a nice tactical retreat to a safe distance to shoot some more arrows. Grey skins, if they were as fast as they were big they might prove a threat to me. At least, as long as none get the bright idea of coming at me from two sides that is ofcourse. I didn't even get to my second retreat before a crazy woman runs past me straight for the center of the group of Greyskins. Well I guess I don't have to search for that fire throwing contraption anymore. When the woman got close to the group she suddenly bursts into flame burning the Greyskins standing around her and kill almost all of them instantly. I watch in amazement as I quickly shoot two arrows to take down the last of the group. That was magic, I was sure of it. No subtle elder elven magic, but magic for sure. I hadn't seen any magic at all for 21 years, but I am sure that this is it. This woman was special and might prove very usefull in my search for answers. It isn't like elven magic, but maybe this is the new way. Maybe a different path back to the Goddess? I do not know but I shall surely investigate.

The show of magic made me forget about the rest of a combat for a bit. Luckily the others had the situation in hand. The other group was already down and only the big Greyskin remained. The dwarf looks hurt, but looks determined to go head on with the Greyskin anyway. Let's hope he goes down quickly. We still need to get the freed humans to safety before even more Greyskins arrive. One of my arrows pierced the Greyskins armoured chest, but he doesn't seem to be too impressed by it. Out of the corner of my eye I see the woman of magic do a little dance of some sort. Quite elegant and beautiful for a human and the effect it had was evenly effective. The Greyskin did a little dance himself as his armour suddenly burst into flame. And at that moment Boulder seems to have decided that enough was enough as he almost batters of the Greyskins head with his huge sword. This battle is over, let's hope its the last one for a while. That is one tough Greyskin and strangely enough the damage to his head didn't even kill him. He was just knocked unconscious by it.

As the Greyskin fell towards the ground a piece of smoldering paper floated away on a passing breeze. Tharen made a jump for it, though him being quick enough he just couldn't reach high enough to intercept it. I made a quick run for it before it got lost. We were actually lucky it was smoldering, otherwise I would not have seen it in the dark. I used a body of a Greyskin as a step to give me the opportunity to jump for the piece of paper. As I grabbed it it partly fell appart in my hand. O boy, I sure hope it isn't ruined.

The note was written in a language I was not able to read, probably Smokt, but I couldn't be sure. I could not determine if any information was lost, but it wasn't looking to good. Luckily the strange burning woman had some more tricks up her sleeve, not only was she able to use her skills to destroy things with fire, but somehow she was able to restore those things as well. I gave the note to her and she immediately recognised the language as Smokt. Then she put the pieces of the note on the ground and did one of her gracious little dances around it. And before my eyes the note blurred and grew back together again. 'That is amazing!' I Gasped. And I mumbled a 'Thank the Goddess' under my breath. After this the note was as new and Soniah, as she was called, was able to read the note. The restoration even showed a second part on the back. It was a note to another Greyskin and the reply to the dead Greyskin lying here. It told us that there was another mining facility somewhere that was having some problems with prisoners called warlocks. More magic? Or just superstitions? Well it would need investigating as well I guess. I could see Soniah's eyes lit up as she read that there possibly were even more people like her. But first we needed to get out of here. And worst of all Boulder had decided the only way out was through the mines again. I can still remember the last time we went through them, and this time we would be going a lot slower with all the elders and children.

I can barely remember the journey through the caves. Only insane people should go under mountains! I remember following the group inside and then I remember waking up again on the other side at the entrance we entered the first time. They say I got a strange look in my eyes and said I would be scouting ahead and that then I left the group at a run. Thank god for my superior elven sense of direction, I dare not think getting lost under that mountain. I shall not do this again.

23 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

After that it was decided the best way to go for our group was to go back to the forest just north of Griffin Vale where we had our small base camp. If all there people were going to live there we would have to go to more trouble hiding from the Greyskins though. But somehow Boulder would make it work I guess.

27 Februari, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

The journey back actually was as uneventfull as our first journey through these lands. We had to take the longer route now and then to evade villages, but we didn't seem to draw too much attention. Some of the group left before we got to the forest, they said they had family nearby and that they would get by on their own. I asked their names, for one to remember them by and also ofcourse that I wouldn't be missing the chance that one was called Krillas. I had new routes to explore now, but I wouldn't dismiss any of them ofcourse.

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