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Session 31 (Jouta)

Plotting & Preparation

Played on September 9th, 2012

June 22, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Being at a bit of an impasse, Soniah took the lead and explained her version of magic. As she was doing that, advisor Falazor entered the room. He was more easily convinced, but still did not manage to convince Rordred of the same.

At that moment the king himself spoke and all his advisors fell silent. King Legslasher had heard all our arguments and declared that he was convinced that magic had returned somehow, and that his dwarves would lend us support. This silenced Rordred, of course, as well as opened up the floor to discuss practical matters.

It was agreed that Falazor would conceive of a battle plan with Galtar, Boulder and Tharen. Meanwhile Soniah, Isabeau, Rordred and me would visit Alrika Silvergrin. She was highly interested in the ways of magic.

It was interesting to tell her my story, and it was interesting to hear Soniah’s. As I am, Alrika was clearly convinced that Soniah’s magic ultimately came from the goddess. As for her part, Alrika told us about the gods of the dwarves -- Gadrin Ironsmasher (forge, weapons) and Sidrin Truthstone (fertility, clans).

As we finished the talks and reconvened, it turned out that the battle plan was finished. The dwarves would support us by having a squadron of 150 dwarves entering the mines of Choskan from the back entrance, and causing havoc at the Greyskin sites by the mines. They would enter on the fifteenth of July. We would make sure to be at the gates of Choskan on the morning of the 16th.

As Fimbur needed to know all of this, Vaal set out as soon as possible to find him and make sure that he knew what was going on.

With that we concluded the talks. We would have to move swiftly in order to be on time. So we went with Kazric to Blackstone, the city located just after the entrance to the mountains. Surprisingly, we met Fimbur there! He had already completed his scouting mission and wanted to report to us. Upon returning to Northmeadow he decided to follow us to the dwarves.

So after some travel we all met again in Northmeadow. Vaal reported that his scouts had not been very successful in finding information; Choskan was crawling with greyskins. Luckily they did manage to find a nice place to hide our siege engines.

We also learned that the making of the siege engines had not yet been successful. So Galtar set out to make sure that we had some, assisted by Vaal - it took some time but now our smiths knew what to do!

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