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Session 4 (Jouta)

"En route"

Played on February 12th, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Luckily Soniah was not done yet with her magic, and she managed to set fire to the leader's armor. That, combined with a fierce attack by Galtar and Boulder, managed to completely disable the leader of the greyskins.
The moment he fell, Tharen managed to grab a half-burnt piece of paper. While I thought we needed to hurry, in the few minutes that it took for everyone to compose themselves, Soniah managed to restore the paper to its original form by way of one of her spells. It had something written in Smolt on it, but I was not able to read it. Luckily Soniah could, and it mentioned something about warlocks and how to "contain" them. Apparently the greyskins have some trouble at another camp like ours? Good!

Escape through the tunnels

But again, it really was high time for us to get out of here. Apparently the opinionated leader of the liberation troupe, Boulder, came here through old Dwarven tunnels that were close to where we were mining. So we had to go down to the mining levels, a place where I did not work often. It turned out to be at least 4 levels lower, which was quite an affair to have to manage all the elderly and children panicky. But we managed after some time, and Boulder even had a sensible idea in burning the rope ladders behind us, which Soniah managed to do quite effectively.
Then it was into the tunnels, were we had about a two hour walk to do. Apparently the elf did not like being underground so much -- he disappeared and only when we got out we found him again. Also notably, Galtar had us march backwards once, before Boulder corrected his bearings.


And then I got outside.... What a wonderful world! What a sight to see! I knew, by the tales of my mother, a bit of what to expect. But I seriously did not expect the vastness of the world behind the mountain range that was my home. I literally stood for 10 minutes admiring the view before I got pulled back into a discussion with Boulder and company about what to do next. Apparantly Boulder had staged this escape especially for Galtar and he did not care for the others, especially the elderly and children. But then I suspect he rather liked the air of power that having a group of followers gave him, so in the end he agreed to bringing everybody to his "secret base".

27 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so we did -- it did take us a few days, but we got there. Even though it is Boulders base, it did seem like a lively place to call home.

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