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Session 39 (Jouta)

Pelycor: The Eve of Battle

Played on December 2nd, 2012

September 12, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And thus Boulder held a speech as soon as all companies could attend, the following morning. Unfortunately it was not as well received as he had hoped, despite his mistake with promising a party after the speech (which was nice, but we did lose a whole day of travel). While most companies accepted the warlocks a bit better after the party, there was still a lot of dissent in Marcus’ company.

Determined to improve this, Boulder and Tharen decided that Marcus was the one to blame. Boulder decided to give him a “promotion”: he would become personal guard of the warlocks. This he told Marcus while Tharen was present, and managed to surprise Tharen as well by making him in charge of Marcus’ company.

Of course, Tharen objected as he had no business leading a whole company. This led to some discussion but in the end it was decided that most of Marcus’ company would join Boulder’s. Next, to avoid a company that was too big, this new company would be split in the axe company led by Scorbin Neckbiter, and the rest of the company would be led by Boulder. About twenty members of Marcus’ original company (all but one of them halflings, the other being a dwarf) chose to be led by Tharen, who promptly named them the “Sinister Operatives”.

Unfortunately the trouble with Marcus was still not at an end, as he now considered himself in charge of the warlocks. This, Boulder would not have, so he violently put an end to that, and sent Marcus away.

We kept marching on, and met two more scouts. They confirmed Rumlia’s earlier reports about Pelycor (not many Greyskins) and Carnthor (a lot of Greyskins).

Nearing Pelycor, Boulder devised a plan with Soniah, Galthar and Tharen. The Sinister Operatives would try to sneak into the city and make sure that the gates on the eastside of town would be opened on the day of the attack. Meanwhile, the whole army would camp just outside Pelycor and be sure to light as many fires as they could. That way it would seem like our army was a lot larger than we really were.

Finally a few scouts and fire mages would be sent to the southwest and north positions around Pelycor, to spot for running Greyskins and issue orders (by fireworks).

Two days before we arrived, we used a lot of fires to produce smoke for the smoke shields that we needed during the attack. And the next day, camped just outside of Pelycor, we made a LOT of fires. The Sinister Operatives went to sneak into the city.

On the morning of the 17th, we would start our attack…

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