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Session 16 (Vaaluryan)

An intruder in the forest

Played on May 13th, 2012

April 15, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Even though we lost four men this day, we got what we came for. Armor and weapons were retrieved from the dead greyskin, the wagons were filled with food and drink and we captured two greyskins to supply us with much needed information.
As the others started to clean out the Greyskin corpses for usefull equipment I started to drive the wagons down the side path one at a time. We were going to have to leave one wagon behind as the the first one was without a horse. It having died a painful fiery and bloody death from Soniah's and Deirdre's magics. This actually made me think about these magics, if they were being used to do these things to harmless creatures, are they truly coming from the Goddess? I had to rethink all this at a later time.

We decided to leave behind one wagon filled with beer and other spirits. When we got home we would send a group back for it. The food and the Greyskin weapons and armor filled the other two wagons to perfection. Though it would slow down the wagons some more. It was going to be a slow drive homewards, I guessed it to be about two days. I could easily do it in half that time, but I could hardly leave them behind. I hated the slow speeds, but it would give me some time to work on my new flute and I could range around a bit looking for some good wood for another bow for the group. I remember passing a nice copse of trees on our way over here.

That night Boulder decided it was a good time to get some information from the Greyskins. It not being my thing to get information from prisoners I decided I would leave them to it and take a nice evening walk. I might spot some good wood lying around, somewhere far away from the camp. I could take death cries from people dying in combat, but this was just too much for me. I returned when most of the group was already asleep or preparing their beds, obviously the information gathering was done. The Greyskins were nowhere close, that told me enough. Obviously I wouldn't miss these backwards creatures.
Boulder was still awake and he told me that they were convinced to talk easily enough, but we got only simple information. A leader of some sorts, a hero they have and some good information about things going on in the north. We would probably be going there next he said.

April 16, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

The next day we made it back to our base camp. Hiding the wagons in the first part of the forest and bringing the goods to our camp by horse only. We decided to stay for a week before we would be going to the north. Some of us could use the time to heal and enough small details to take care of in the running of a camp. The death of four men took the group a lot harder than I had anticipated though. Not that I could do anything, but it definately needed some attention from both Boulder and Jouta. A service was held for the fallen and some good words were spoken, but I am not sure the victory of capturing a simple caravan was going to be enough to keep our folks happy. We needed something bigger.

April 20, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We didn't get a break of 7 days though, it was four days into it a patrol returned to the camp with eerie news. They had founds tracks of some sort inside our forest. And according to the group these tracks were of a huge creature of some sorts. It left behind large footprints and broken branches on trees. And not only broken branches, but they had rotted somehow as well they said, far too fast for a normal brancht that is. We had all kinds of creatures in the forest, but Selwend forest was not known for any really large creatures. I was immediately interested and wanted to take a look immediately. Though the chance was small we would be seeing anything today though. They told us it was at almost a days walk, that would mean we wouldn't be able to reach it before nightfall. And even though I was keen to have a look, I was smart enough not to go ahead alone, I might need the group if it was a dangerous creature.
We left almost immediately with one of the group as our guide to the spot they found. And I was right, by the time we got there it was already getting dark. I convinced the group to spend the night at a hundred meter distance from the spot. These humans would surely spoil the tracks if we would take a look in the dark.

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