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Session 21 (Soniah)

Hood and arrow

Played on June 24th, 2012

May 7, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Maglug quickly transformed into a very ugly pincushion. It was odd seeing the arrows strike without any reaction, but Jouta had frozen him in his tracks. Our distractions seemed to have worked mostly. From my hiding spot I was far away from the action if the others needed help, so I started running towards the stand. The crowds started stampeding from the inferno on the river, helping me along.

Being jostled by the crowd at was hard to get a sense of what's going on, but Maglug seemed to collapse on the stand. The other greyskins rallied around him and started to carry him off. I had expected the greyskins to abandon their fallen comrade. I didn't want Maglug to survive so I set him on fire. I had hoped the other greyskins would drop him to avoid the fire, but they awkwardly carried them off anyhow.

Although Jouta tried to freeze some of the greyskins, they ran off with Maglug anyhow. I randomly set some on fire, but to no avail. They are a lot quicker than I am. We can only hope that Maglug died or will seen die from his burns. He was still burning when I last saw him.

The greyskins disappearing in the distance, I tried to find my companions. I couldn't find anyone. Not too surprising that I couldn't find Vaal or Tharen, but Boulder and Galter usually really stick out. Just when I rounded the corner on the square, somebody wearing a hooded robe spoke to me. He asked me to follow me to hide me from the greyskin guards. I don't know what it was that made trust him, but I did. Must be my female intuition. Never failed me before!

The mysterious hooded fellow led me into a building, down into the cellar, through stinking sewers into some kind of an underground room. I found Boulder there as well. Boulder and I talked to the formerly hooded people. Boulder kept asking about temperance or something like that. We found out that they are part of an underground (ha!) resistance called the Northmeadow Underground. They have about 53 members and are led by Lucretia Bedford. They are quite happy about our action and we propose to start a cooperation.

When other hooded fellows walk in, they suggest we first find the our other party members. Boulder and I quickly remember that we forgot to agree on a meeting place after the assassination, but we agree that the most likely spot to hang out is the Clueless Geisha. The NMU guys are kind of upset about that because that's were most of the Greyskin collaborators hang out.

Caroline accompanied me to the Clueless Geisha (via a cleaner route luckily), where I found everyone but Tharen in the common room. They were kind of sceptic about the underground. No female intuition! After I did a bit of convincing I managed to get everyone to come along to the underground hideout. I hadn't really mentioned that it was underground though.

To route back underground led us to the Thirsty Witch where I should mention the prase "Farm's Community" to the barkeep. But "Farm's Community" should obviously be "Farmer's Community"! So I mentioned that. Again we were led through cellars and sewers (ew!). After taking the second right and the fourth left, we ended up back in the underground chamber. I hope we can make some good plans together with the NMU!

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