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Session 28 (Jouta)

Securing the meadow

Played on August 12th, 2012

May 11, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

The day after was spent in celebration. It even included us standing on the stage at the market of Northmeadow, being hailed as the victors. It was grand!

Amidst the onlookers we spotted Auric and Fimbur. That meant that the embassy we sent to the dwarves had returned. After the celebration we had a chance to meet with them. It appeared that the dwarves were ready to help, but they really wanted to see a specific plan before they joined our cause.

The following days were spent resting, but also planning our next assault. We reached concensus that we had to free Choskan next, seeing as we had a lot to do with the current sorry state of the inhabitants. The question was, how did we want to approach this? Boulder created an army room in the keep in which he made himself a table with a map; he used small figures to represent major forces so that he could devise a plan that had a chance of working.

Vaal sent his scouting army away to check the surroundings of Choskan, to see whether the Greyskins suspected an attack.

Meanwhile I amused myself by perusing through all the tax forms that we found in Un’dona’s chamber. It turned out that there were about 380 people paying taxes to the Greyskins during their rule. From those a number were a bit suspect, but it turned out that most of the names I dug up had already fled the city in the days before. I did notice that the name of Dame Quelista did not appear among all the other names.

While the days went by, everyone was busy doing other stuff; Galtar was already thinking about the siege engines we needed to free Choskan. Boulder was busy with plotting, and spent all his free moments with Temperance. Vaal set up an archery range and was instructing his scouts on the use of the bow. I felt content simply praying to the goddess.

A few weeks passed.

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