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Session 6 (Vaaluryan)

There and back again..

Played on Feruary 26th, 2012

29 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

As we continued our way towards the mountains I finally got my chance to talk to Jouta about her mother and the Goddess. Though it saddened me to hear anew about her mother's death, my sadness quickly evaporated when she told me she was a follower of the Goddess herself. And even better, not just a follower, she was in contact with the Goddess! The Goddess had returned! I had been right all along, the answer to the return of the Goddess was indeed to be found in the human lands. The glory of the Goddess would be returning and I should stick close to Jouta. Though we still had the small problem of the Greyskins on our hands. As long as they were in power, any mentioning of the Goddess would be met with fierce measures. Another sign that I choose right to join this group of people fighting for the freedom of the human lands.

It was when Jouta was convincing me that Soniah's powers where not of the Goddess but somehow from inside herself that Tharen announced there was a caravan coming towards us on the road. I could see the caravan as well, but it was still a way off. They surely had not seen us yet. Boulder quickly barked some commands to the group to hide beside the road and that I was to walk ahead and inspect the caravan. If they were Greyskins we were going to ambush them. We hadn't really thought of a plan how to ambush any caravans, but before I could say anything everyone was already in hiding. Ah well. Let's first see who they are and then I could easily turn around and walk past our group and hide in the copse we just passed on the road.
So it was decided, so it was done. As I got nearer the caravan I could see there were two cars with a driver and a second fellow on the bench, three Greyskins in the lead on horses and a loner on a horse at the rear. I turned around and made my way back, not being sure they had spotted me yet, I quietly signalled to the group that there were at least seven people in the caravan and at least for were Greyskin, and then made my way past their hiding spot and quickly disappeared between the trees.

A little bit of fighting and a bragging halfling later we were in possession of two wagons filled with iron bars and weapons and seven horses. One had died by decapitation when Boulder tried to unhorse one of the Greyskins. And what were we going to do with the wagens? Well, take them back ofcourse. Good enough decision I guess, but couldn't we have just done this a little bit closer to our camp? Ah well.

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