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Session 24 (Vaaluryan)

Mr. Etherington's Mansion

Played on July 15th, 2012

May 8, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Velvet square, it was reasonably peaceful, and had quite some green. But these were mostly bushes and small nicely trimmed trees. It missed the spirit of the woods, the liveliness and freedom of real nature. I could live with the open lands of northmeadow as long as it wasn't disturbed by these human cities. Though it was the people itself that draws me to these lands as well. A small encampment or village made me more at ease though. We had been inside this place for what felt like a month now, it being only four days and that we had to go underground multiple times made it even worse. Yes, this Velvet square was the best they could do and it brought a bit of comfort to my stressed mind.

Galtar just left with Jouta and the Chaunseys. That left Soniah, Tharen and me as Boulder was going to the NMU for his sword and to bring them together with the Chaunseys. We had to deal with this Etherington fellar if anything happened. Well, nothing was happening, there were some guards at the gate and some more walking rounds around the compound. After an attempt to scale the walls without notice I made my way back to my place on the bench watching the gate. It seemed, Tharen told me, that the guards kept such a vigil that there never was any part of the wall unwatched. So I guess I was lucky I wasn't able to scale the walls, they would have seen me surely.

Too bad no one actually told us what to do when anything happened at the villa. And assassination of Etherington was all but impossible without doing a frontal assault. And that wasn't a good plan without either Boulder or Galtar here. So we waited, hoping nothing would happen and if something would happen one of us would have a brilliant idea.
It didn't take long for something to happen though. A closed coach of some kind was making it's way to the gate. I had no idea what to do but intercepted them anyway. Asking some silly questions and being a bother. This gave Tharen some time to have a look inside. I saw him cut a piece of cloth to take a peek inside or maybe even try to get inside. I was out of questions far too fast and they were getting annoyed with Soniah and me. No use in doing anything more, maybe Tharen was aboard or learned something useful. The coach made it's way to the gate and was let inside. As Tharen was suddenly standing next to us again I concluded he had not entered the coach to get into the compound. Tharen could only tell us that the coach was filled with four shapes and that there was no way to get inside. Ah well, back to waiting.

Some time later Boulder walked back into the square to join us again. Though I didn't expect him, I was pleased to see him. At least now I could let him decide what we were going to do. We told him about the coach and he told us he didn't bring his sword because someone from the NMU convinced him it was a bit too suspicious. He had a short sword with him though, he kinda looked silly with the small sword but he assured us he could use it as well.

It was only a little while later that the gates opened again and a man came outside to talk with the guards outside. Something surely was going to happen. A man on a horse arrived from inside the gate after this, he said something to the guards and turned towards one of the exists of the square. As he spurred his horse one, he started to make speed, he surely wanted to get somewhere fast. I glanced at Boulder to see if he was going to do something, but he just looked dumbly at what was happening. We surely couldn't let the man get a message to where ever important he was going? And before I was even aware of what I was doing I had my bow out and was aiming for the horseman. A few seconds later two arrows were sticking through his head and he was down on the ground from his horse.

I guess the guards didn't like this as they saw this. They drew their swords and advanced on us. Where was Galtar when you needed him? Let's hope Boulder was ready for this. The gate was closed, but one of the guards was going for it, we were already outmanned and had to take care of these guards if we were going to be able to take down more of them. Another two arrows pierced his head from behind, he fell to the ground, dead before he even noticed he was hurt. Soniah was doing her dancing magics from a way back and Boulder was in the middle of the fight. I saw another guard's surprised look as suddenly two daggers appeared in his back as Tharen jumped from the shadows. A guard slipped passed Boulder and stabbed my arm with his weapon. Time to move away from these guards a bit, I was far better with my bow than with my sword. I couldn't even remember the last time I needed it in a fight. Luckily these were only humans and slow ones to boot.

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