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Session 9 (Vaaluryan)

The mountains, such a dreary place.

Played on March 18th, 2012

March 29th, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We made our way towards the mine. Surrounded by about a hundred miners gave us the opportunity to get some more information about the mine. But what we learned wasn't very hopeful. We didn't have a proper plan yet and there were going to be a lot of Greyskins at the mine. I didn't get too much of the smaller details, I was mainly being grumpy about the possibility of going underground again.
After about a four hour walk we arrived at the mining facility. The display of the facility when it came into sight wasn't a happy one. A big wall surrounded a camp of three wooden houses and the mine entrances. One way in and one way out. And the one way out leads to a single path the way we came and leading back towards Choskan.

We entered the facility with the group, with me lagging behind a bit. I didn't want to into a closed place like this. I hoped they would keep the gate open, but I didn't give it that much chance.
Boulder was in one of his more brazen moods and decided to get a one on one with the Greyskin leader. Another good reason to keep close to the gate and wait for the outcome. Luckily it didn't turn out that bad. We had to prove ourselves once more when the miners got of work. But this gave us some time to have a look around. Two of the wooden buildings were miners quarters and the last was the base for the Greyskins. No sign of the warlocks just yet though. Tharen checked out the last building but he saw some closed windows but he didn't think it was a logical place for the captives. Galtar and Soniah were chosen to check out the mines. Both free mining groups were found first. It took some tricks with a mining cart, but the captive miners were found as well.

We still didn't have a plan but at least we were getting somewhere. Though we were out of time for now. The miners were getting for food and we had a show to prepare. We mostly planned for the same show, with some minor changes, but not too much. At least that was what I thought. It seemed Boulder had decided his role of presenter was not enough...

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