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Session 2 (Jouta)


Played on January 22nd, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

A note to the reader: parts of this story I have only heard about from the others; any flaws in the telling are mine

The first hurdle for Boulder and company was to come up when trying to go up the rope that Tharen had bound for them. It was not an easy rope to climb, and unfortunately they lost their first man right there -- Harry fell off the rope unto the current below. He will not be forgotten.
After hauling the whole of the rescue party up, and a moment of silence for the unfortunate Harry, Boulder and company found themselves (unknowingly) on the level of both the sleeping caves, and the brig.
Galtar, unfortunately, had decided that day to throw down his hammer, thereby angering the greyskins (this is not an uncommon occurrence by any means). Which in turn led to him being imprisoned, again, in the brig behind the waterfall. Again, Boulder and company had no knowledge of any of this....


Boulder urged some of his people to go and explore the immediate surroundings. This led Tharen to discover the sleeping cave where I was still sleeping peacefully. He did not yet enter however, but reported back to Boulder instead, and so it was that the whole group (minus the elf Vaalurian) barged into our sleeping cave a few minutes later.
At that time however the only thing I heard was some unwanted guests, of which I had too many already. So before the group entered I ducked below my sleeping place, anxious for any greyskins that meant to have some "fun".
While I could see that the party that entered were no greyskins, Boulder (in typical fashion) made matters worse in my eyes by "waking" someone and then hitting them unconscious!
Luckily the rescuers could clear up the confusion before any of us had made enough ruckus to alert the greyskins. And so we made a quick plan: Belham, John, Jim, and 3 more of Boulders group would lead all captives back through the new tunnel, while Boulder, Tharen, Vaalurian and I would free Galtar before doing the same. It did take me a few minutes to explain that I really would not leave without Galtar, but accept me they did.

Freeing Galtar

So we continued on to the brig behind the waterfall. Luckily we got there without any detected greyskin activity. It turned out that Tharen was pretty good with locks, and so it actually was easy to free Galter -- except that opening the door set off some kind of alarm above, something that we only noticed because Tharen saw some kind of rope going up. Pretty unfortunate for now we would probably have to fight our way through, back to the tunnel.
Hoping to avoid this we ran back as swiftly as possible, but it did not help -- at the bottom of the ladder that ran upwards, a group of 10 greyskins and their two leaders had arrived. A fight erupted!

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