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Session 26 (Jouta)

"Into the keep"

Played on July 29th, 2012

May 10, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We quickly entered after Chester had opened the trapdoor. Chester's party went in first, and after a short walk we all arrived at the underground entrance to the keep.

The entrance was locked as well so Chester unlocked it, and with a quick "good luck" he and his men entered and vanished from sight. We followed with slight trepidation.

We found ourselves in a storeroom. It turned out that a keg of some sort had covered the trapdoor entrance; Boulder moved it a bit forward so that the recently opened trapdoor was hidden out of sight.

Leading out of the room was a circular staircase made of stone steps, just as we had seen on the blueprints. We figured we were below the ground level still, in the basement of the tall tower. The only way forward was up, and so we went on.

Tharen "volunteered" to walk ahead and see if any Greyskins were standing guard; after passing about three storerooms, he came back and let us know that a guard was found at the next intersection with another passage. Seeing as only Vhaal and Tharen were good at sneaking around, they went ahead to deal with the guard. We heard some commotion and an arrow shot, then they returned to tell us that the guard had been dealt with.

The passage lead off in the distance but the circular staircase went on up as well. We decided to continue upwards, because we expected Un'donna to be located in the high tower. After another winding or two, Tharen heard some snoring up ahead. There was a room to the side of the staircase, and after a quick peek he silently indicated with some waves of his hand that he saw 5 Greyskins asleep.

Boulder wasted no time in pointing out the people to go in, and the operation was pretty much a success, although with a few surprises: two Greyskins had passed out on their beds backwards, and therefore were only hurt by the arrows and daggers used, although they were quickly silenced soon afterwards. Also there were only three Greyskins in there, so apparently Tharen cannot count?

Anyway we quickly continued for we wanted to be done when the uproar of the opened gate started. Again we circled upwards for a bit, when we saw the next open doorway. We listened for a bit and heard a lot of voices. While discussing what to do next, it turned out that we had been a little too loud, for suddenly the voices had stopped. Luckily after a few moments of sweating, the voices resumed -- hopefully they had decided that it was nothing after all.

Tharen took a chance and decided to slip by the doorway in order to be able to continue upwards. Boulder then asked everyone to try the same, despite my repeated protests that I was not capable of being silent enough. Unfortunately, when Vhaal next tried to cross, he was discovered already and quickly the inhabitants of the room were heard shuffling furniture around and discussing the intruders. We were at an impasse.

I decided that I wanted to get to the other side as well so I asked Hareke for some skill in scaling the uneven walls. That helped and I managed to make it to the other side of the doorway unseen. Meanwhile for some reason Boulder and Galtar had plans to enter the room -- I was unsure why but they did manage to get in. Galtar was immediately targeted with a lot of crossbow bolts, but most of did not manage to pierce his armor. Boulder went in just after him, and then Soniah entered as well. That meant we had to help as well and Vhaal moved in position behind the doorway to get a good shot. I managed to stay outside but move so that I had some vision into the room; and then I saw a female greyskin standing at an open window shouting orders down below. That had to be Un'donna! We had to capture her so I once again asked my goddess to support me, and keep Un'donna helpless. Faith was with me and Un'donna froze.

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