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Session 1 (Vaaluryan)

"My search continues"

Played on January 15th, 2012

29 January, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

A note to the reader: this log holds a small prelude to what actually happened to create atmosphere.

'We are going to rescue Galtar' Boulder said out of nowhere, not too loud, but I was still close and thinking my own thoughts, softly moving my hands through Gryll's fur. Boulder had been quiet and thoughtful for a while. Most of the group was already preparing for the night.
I looked up at Boulder to see if there was more to come. It looked as if he had finally made up his mind about it. He raised his head took a look around and said it aloud this time, 'We are going to rescue Galtar, we need proper weapons if we are going to stand a chance. The time is right, we have enough information to actually do it.' This was good, I had heard about a rumour that the woman called Krillas had been last seen in the same place. Both fortunate and infortunate that Galtar had been taken to the mines. I would actually get a chance to verify the rumour and continue my search.
'Listen up folks!' Boulder said, 'Tomorrow we travel south east to the mountains, prepare your gear and take only what you need. We will be travelling light and fast and start early in the morning.' He stood up himself and walked towards his gear. he grabbed his huge sword and checked the state of the blade. Nothing to check there I thought, his sword was always kept in a good state. It was the weapons of our other companions we had to worry about and that's why we needed Galtar. He was a brilliant smith, at least that's what Boulder said, but actually any smith would do at this moment.
The only other that had no problem keeping his daggers in tip top shape was the halfling. I couldn't see him at the moment, actually most of the time I didn't know where he was hiding or what he was doing. I had pretty sharp eyes and wasn't easily fooled, but that halfling sure was good in the shadows, halflings must have a part elf blood in their veins.

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Things were going smoothly until today. We had travelled light, fast and were able to evade all the greyskin patrols. But that was the easy part, now things would get worse. We had a way in, but no idea where to go once inside. We were prepared enough, I just hoped I wouldn't have to actually go inside one of those mineshafts. Digging into the ground just wasn't natural, you'd have to be a halfcrazed dwarf to keep sane down there.
We made our way through the back route, we would arrive at the bottom of a cliff and would have to work our way up. But before we got there we had to deal with two greyskin guards idling at the back entrance to the mines. Guess this wasn't so unguarded afterall. Though two simple greyskins wouldn't be much of a problem. Boulder warned us to take one alive, but I guess we weren't so lucky. Tharen seemed not to have heard the command and drove a knife through the neck of the closest one and my arrow, even though it was aimed perfectly for a cripling shot in the leg, hit a major artery and he died quickly afterwards. Well at least there would be no alarm sounded yet.

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