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Session 24 (Jouta)

"Incognito Meeting"

Played on July 15th, 2012

May 8, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

It took the Chaunceys quite a bit of time to get ready. And then, when they finally emerged again, Mr. Chauncey still looked way too well-dressed to fit in the common room of the Witch. So me and Mrs. Chauncey convinced him to borrow the livery of one of his servants, and he grudgingly accepted.

It turned out that Galtar meanwhile wanted to come along, as he had not seen anything happen on the square. So after the last round of redressing, we set out with the four of us to the Thirsty Witch.

Inside the Thirsty Witch, before I even had the chance to check the common room for known NMU members, we were addressed by a man who led us up the stairs to a back room. Chauncey obviously knew the man, but cooperated with the quick entrance to a better place to talk. Inside we were introduced to Winthorpe. Apparently Chauncey was a bit surprised to see Winthorpe there.

After the initial introduction though, Stella did not waste any time asking after the amber stone -- or at least it became clear to us afterwards that she was asking about that, for her exact question was "So, is she really involved in all of this?", which Winthorpe confirmed. After some confusion, we learned that they were talking about Dame Quelista of the Amber Tower, a woman known to us only as a member of the Eraldirri Council. This was surprising news indeed, and it explained quite a bit about the reaction of both merchants to the stone of amber.

During all this, I wondered what the rest was up to at Mr. Etherington's mansion.

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