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Session 13 (Jouta)


Played on April 22nd, 2012

April 3rd, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We walked pretty quietly for a day. Although people were complaining a bit, most accepted the situation and were glad that they were free. Boulder planned to propose to the freed prisoners the same deal that he had proposed to the previous group: they could choose to be free and live among their families again, or they could join our resistance.

But then we had an unexpected visit the second night. At last watch (Galtar's) he was surprised by a shadowy figure which was creeping up to our makeshift camp. Galtar confronted the figure at once and it turned out to be ... Auric!

He had quite a tale to tell. At first it was just Galtar and him, but soon they woke the whole camp as they did not bother anymore to be a little quiet. It turned out to be quite an attraction in the early morning.

Auric told us that Rolin had gone on a rampage in Choskan. He had Vera beheaded (ouch!) and the others had apparently taken at least severe beatings if not worse. That was why he had ran away.

For some reason though, he dumped all the blame on us, when he saw that we had indeed freed the prisoners. That, I could not agree with. If not for our actions, the prisoners would likely not have survived as well. Furthermore, we could not know what Rolin would do even after our deed. Surely we were not ignorant and we knew there would be repercussions; but in this I strongly felt that the goddess would have us choose the same path again whatever the consequences -- accepting the rule of the Greyskins is not an option.

Auric strongly disagreed with me and we nearly got into a shouting match. He decided however that he would accept my viewpoint for now; but I am not entirely sure he did so for the right reasons. He also explained that he did not have anywhere else to go.

While all this was going on, Deirdre and Marcus had also joined the onlookers. Auric blamed us for "freeing the criminals" as well; that bothered me again because, while it might be true, it was not proven at all at this point. I know from experience that the greyskins will put people in prison for no reason at all. Again I felt that he jumped to conclusions way too hastily.

What did come out though, is that Deirdre is indeed a "warlock". This took a while to establish because mostly Marcus did the talking and he did not want to reveal Deirdre's secret, which is totally understandable. They explained that they had kept it silent because they were not sure of their rescuers. Which only made me shake my head -- there's so much mistrust in everyone these days, no wonder that the Greyskins still reign free.

With all that cleared up, the sun had already risen on the horizon. That meant that we had to make haste. Tharen pointed out that Auric could very well have set the Greyskins on our path. So we made for a welltraveled road and made some time on that.

April 5th, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

On the evening of the fourth day we were near our forest. Here, Boulder set out the options for the freed prisoners: either join us, or go your own way now. From the freed people, only five decided to part ways. Five more said they would join but when pressed they really just wanted to come along; Boulder made sure that everyone knew what they were getting into. The rest, which was 25 people, including Deirdre and her bunch, decided they would join us. That made me very happy.

April 6th, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so, on the morning of the next day, we finally arrived at our camp. It was well tended, which was a good sign. People had been busy. We were welcomed although there was a bit of hesitation with welcoming all the newcomers.

April 13th, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We took our time for a bit, to readjust to the new people, build more housing, gather stock, etc. However a week in, Kalanael came to speak to Boulder about 'something'. This turned out to be his fears that the new people would not "fit in" or something like that. We had to provide for them, etc. Again the mistrust reared it's ugly head. Luckily Boulder convinced Kalanael (quite forcefully) that everybody was welcome to stay. They did have to join the work, and basically be able to provide for themselves -- but it appeared that the newcomers did not carry trouble in that way. So Kalanael had to agree.

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