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Session 22 (Jouta)


Played on July 1st, 2012

May 7, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so we found ourselves in an underground room. I supposed this was a part of the headquarters of the NMU, but there was no way to tell for sure. We had just composed ourselves a bit when their leader Lucretia entered. After a small formal introduction, Boulder did not wind around the bush and proposed an association between BLA and NMU.

Lucretia was not so quick to accept this however. She pointed out that our "rash actions" might very well have repercussions. According to here these might even be more repressive than the ones in Choskan. She told us that this was the reason that the NMU had not resorted to open action.

I empathically disagreed with this line of reasoning, and tried to tell her so. After all, what is the use of sitting on the sideline hoping the threat will go away? Making sacrifices is not easy, nor is it preferred if it can be avoided -- but obviously the Greyskins are here to stay and they will not leave unless we do make some sacrifices.

The discussion steered towards aggravating the other citizens so as to prolong the confusion and uproar in the city. However once again Lucretia was hesitant. She argued that a lot of the influential citizens were actually profiting from the Greyskin presence, and therefore it would be impossible to get them to stand up to their oppressors. Again I found myself outraged. If this was the attitude that prevailed among the population, small wonder that the Greyskins had conquered this land so easily!

It was getting late already and therefore we decided we needed some sleep. Lucretia offered us a bed nearby, in the NMU quarters, and we gladly accepted, considering that being seen aboveground was not really advantageous for us right now.

May 7, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

We had a good nights sleep, and a nice breakfast. Soon after we joined up with Lucretia again to dicuss our plans. Luckily, after this nights rest, Boulder was able to convince Lucretia that joining forces with the BLA would be benificial to the NMU, mostly after he pointed out that we could bring about 90 people from our hideout. With those, he said, we would be able to rid Northmeadow of the Greyskins.

Lucretia did tell us a few things: word on the street was that Maglug was actually dead. However, Maglug was not the true leader of all the greyskins in Northmeadow; the political leader was called Undonna. That shifted our targets a bit.

She also told us that it would be great if we could convince a few high ranking merchants to join our forces. She mentioned two of them: Mr. Chauncey, and Mr. Etherington. Furthermore, she gave me two small satchels, one red and one blue. She told me that the contents of the satchels would convince both of the merchants to join our fight, if they would not willingly join us before. I did not like having to resort to bribery but I accepted them knowing that we might have to use them.

Both merchants had a house on Velvet Square, near the Clueless Geisha. We decided to head over there and get them to cooperate.

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