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Session 35 (Jouta)

To the Elves

Played on November 4th, 2012

August 8, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Boulder planned for us to go to the Elvish main city, Irralíontyrcûr, on horses. This was a problem for Galtar who really did not want to go by horse, instead preferring his own feet. In typical Boulder style, he went on to commandeer horses for all of us, and with that Galtar had to come along. Unfortunately for Boulder, the only weight that Galtar’s horse carried were his bags.

We decided to head into the forest as quickly as possible from Northmeadow. That way we would avoid the main road and any Greyskin spies. It took us 3 days to get there. Then we found out that the forest road was overrun and so we had to go a bit slow, and get off our horses to get anywhere - much to the chagrin of Boulder.

The next day, we arrived at a most beautiful place. A huge waterfall dropped down into a serene basin of water, surrounded by lots of simple white and red flowers. This place oozed serenity and calm. Surely the goddess’s presence was felt here by all? At least I could not go on, and luckily we decided to stay the night. I enjoyed as much of it awake as possible, but even sleeping I could not help but feel even more connected as usual to Hareke.

Of course we had to leave the following morning but I secretly hoped that the Elvish capital would resemble this place if possible.

After one more week of walking and riding through the woods, we found ourselves among ever more gigantic trees. Again I witnessed the hand of the goddess. Finally we had to climb and descent along a mountain ridge overgrown with trees, but at the ground below we were rewarded by our first glimpse of Elven structures. They were built inside and among the great trees.

First though we were stopped at an archway by two guards. One identified herself simply as Selari. She told us to follow her to the guesthouses. I tried to keep quiet as much as possible, and let Vaal do all the talking.

The guesthouses were located at about 10m height, built on a pathway that was not as much built as well as grown into the ancient trees. It connected lots of trees and houses.

Having left behind some stuff, we were then invited to follow once again. We were led to an ancient tree where a lot of elves in fancy dress were situated. We eagerly approached!

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