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Session 33 (Jouta)

The Battle of Choskan Mine

Played on September 23th, 2012

July 16, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

It took some time because the greyskins in the building had entrenched themselves using makeshift cover, but we managed to dispose of them. That left only Rolin, who was dispatched by some good teamwork from Soniah, Vaal and Galtar. A major victory for BRAWL!

Now we had cleared Choskan city from the greyskins, but we knew that a lot had fled to the mines. We were anxious to see how the dwarves had fared, so we set out quickly along with our siege engines and battering rams. When we arrived at the mines, we saw that they had already fortified themselves quite heavily. We would have to use the battering rams to try and get inside, but the archers on top of the walls made that pretty much impossible.

Boulder tried to instill some fear in the remaining greyskins by tieing Rolin’s body to a battering ram. He hoped that this would set an example. Unfortunately it was taken entirely the wrong way by Grimric, one of the greyskins who we had encountered during our brief undercover stay at Choskan mine. Apparently with Rolin gone, he was next in command and therefore now their leader.

Finally Deirdre and her warlocks were able to set up a large smoke screen, with which the battering rams were able to do their work. It got messy but it worked, and we also conquered Choskan mine. Some of the remaining greyskins fled into the mines, but Galtar and Soniah went after them. Soniah quickly had to turn back as the stench inside the mines was too much, but Galtar managed to dispatch 9 greyskins who were waiting in ambush for him. Unfortunately among the bodies that he found in the mines, he also found a lot of dwarves; that did not bode well for our friends. Because there were no further signs he did turn back though.

And with that, we truly had freed Choskan!

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