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Session 3 (Jouta)

"Freeing the elderly and children"

Played on January 29nd, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

Galtar stormed the mob of greyskins that had descended from the ladder. Boulder was not far behind. Together they formed a sort of wall that the greyskins were not able to penetrate, luckily for me.
Boulder even managed to scare off a few of them simply by shouting some harsh words that I did not fully understand. Soon enough only the two leaders were left, for the rest was either down or had fled (some even by jumping into the river below! They must have been scared of the penalty for failure I suppose...)


The two greyskins leaders put up some resistance, however with the help of the true elvish arrows they did go down pretty quickly. At that point I was astonished to see Boulder hacking away (literally) at the one leader that was already down, while Galtar was still busy keeping him at bay with only a dagger. Even worse, Boulder did seem committed to goring the already dead greyskin for no reason. This awoke a rage in me, for while the greyskins have never treated us well I cannot abide violence against the helpless. I tried to stop Boulder but I doubt he even noticed; I am not sure what I will do if he commits this act again. Luckily soon after Galtar and Vaaluryan did dispatch of the other one as well and so we had to make some quick decisions to avoid more greyskin activity.


I wished to avoid venting my anger as Boulder had, so I tried to take the lead and ran off to the other sleeping chambers. I had to free the others even if Boulder did not want to. At that moment I did not care what his plans were. It turned out that Tharen was already ahead of me, and had opened the gate. Inside we found Soniah. I did not know she slept there, but I was glad that we could free her along with the others.
Soniah had turned out to be a good comrade in the smithy for Galtar, and in my dealings with her she was ok enough, even if she flaunted her abilities a bit too much in my opinion. Still she was good company always.
Anyway, I managed to gather up the people before Boulder entered so they had some time to come to their senses. They did have shocking news however: the children and elderly were still sleeping outside! In all the rush of freeing Galtar I had actually forgotten about them.

There was no doubt in my mind that we had to go up and free them too. Boulder argued against it, but Galtar, Soniah (who insisted she join us), and I were not to be distracted, so he had to agree. We distributed a few of the greyskins weapons among the able bodied, and sent the rest off through the dwarven tunnel exit. Then we went upwards.


We found ourselves in the smithy. Soniah and Galtar were right at home, but unfortunately not much of value was found, so we continued. Next we found the armory. Here we discovered a chest that Galtar thought held some good weapons, but it was locked. Having already witnessed Tharen unlock the brig, we thought this would be an easy task for him, but he was nowhere to be found. It turned out that Boulder had sent him ahead already. I took it upon me to climb up and come get him, which he promptly did. He seemed like a practical fellow who knew what was important. And as expected the lock was no match at all for him. Thus we could arm and equip ourselves a bit more appropriately for a rescue attempt.


The soldiers having quickly donned armor (I refused; it restrains me too much), we climbed upwards. We found ourselves on the ground level. The barracks containing the elderly and the children was to our right, a windmill to our left. We went to the barracks entrance quickly and quietly, leaving Tharen to watch for greyskin activity from the keep in the distance. Unfortunately, again the door was locked and so I had to fetch him for a second time. When we arrived at the door it turned out that Vaaluryan had taken up the task of guarding the rear
After the seemingly simple procedure of picking the lock, I entered the barracks and managed to calm most of the elderly people who (of course) were quite confused at being woken in the middle of the night.
They did manage to compose themselves quite quickly, as well as gather the children present, and so we managed to lead them back to the ladder pretty soon.

More greyskins

Of course, our escape could not have gone completely unnoticed - when most of the elderly and children were climbing down the rope, we saw two large groups of greyskins come up behind us. Luckily, having suspected something of the sort, both Boulder and Galtar were already standing in front of the group of refugees. I later heard that Tharen was hiding in an ambush, but at the time I did not see him. Vaaluryan managed to secure a covered position behind the barracks wall from which he could shoot his deadly arrows.

This time we faced about 20 greyskins and their leader, so I suspected this would not be an easy fight. I did not count on Soniah's abilities though -- she managed to conjure a ball of fire, and then rather calmly moved, or rather, danced, herself into the middle of a group of greyskins before spontaneously bursting into flame!
This, combined with a rather gory display of Boulders sword in the head of a grayskin (at least this time the greyskin was actively attacking him), led to a lot of dead and cowered greyskins; soon enough only a few were left of the original twenty. But the leader was still standing in front of Galtar...

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