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Session 32 (Jouta)

The Battle of Choskan

Played on September 16th, 2012

July 3, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

And so it was that we set in motion our plan to conquer Choskan. We had appointed a leader of our “escort”, Stuart Duane, a blonde mercenary with the muscle to back up the claim that he had captured us.

We made sure that we had a rather large backup force in case the greyskins did not fall for our ruse. Also we were on time for the dwarves to make their entrance in the back of the mine. Finally we did have some capable forces back home in the forest.

Once our wagon with ourselves as captives and our escort arrived at the gate, Stuart handled the situation masterfully. He convinced 10 of the greyskins that his cargo was worth it, and they proceeded to move it through the gates of Choskan. Once it was positioned so that the gates could not close again, Boulder gave the signal to start our surprise attack. And surprised they were indeed! We fought for our lives, but unfortunately the archers inside, as well as the neverending stream of greyskins drove us back. And so it was that the greyskins managed to pull the wagon inside and close the gates, but not before Vaal and Soniah managed to set fire to a lot of houses inside.

After the fight we regrouped with our backup forces. Stuart was sure that he had seen Rolin inside, so at least we knew that if we broke through the gate we would have a chance at slaying the greyskin leader. So we went on with our forces and set siege to Choskan.

Luckily, because the Soniah's fire had damaged the Choskan gates, we managed to break through their defenses albeit with heavy losses on our side as well. Our party managed to get inside, and when we did we saw a few of the last greyskins regroup inside a larger building. We followed them to make sure every greyskin had left the city, but we encountered a fortified door. We had to get one of the griffin battering rams inside before we could open the door, but to our surprise inside we found not only a lot of greyskins, but also Rolin!

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