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Session 21 (Tyrr)

A test and a temple..

Tyrr's story

10 Nightal, 1479 DR

Tyrr coughed loudly as they made their way through the hobloblin lair. The spider poison had not been good for his health at all. They walked towards the doors deep inside the hobgoblin lair. These doors they had already touched yesterday morning when they entered the lair for the first time. But they were convinced to speak to the warleader first.

But now more hobgoblins were standing before the doors. They were obviously given orders to guard the doors and let no one through. This time we decided to impress instead of kill outright. Their leader still seemed filled with selfcontrol. But his minions werer obviously doubting the how smart it was to threaten us. We did not expect to convince these hobgoblins so easily, but with some show of force and some tricks of magic all but three were left before the doors. Some ran by us and others took another hallway. It was no use to stay and help their leader, they weren't going to be punished by a dead leader. We had to take the last three down, but it didn't take much trouble. One died, the other and the leader were hit unconscious and tied up. We asked them what was behind the doors, but it seemed they were never allowed beyond the doors and could tell us nothing.

The double doors were opened and lead to a large room. We could not see much at first as there was no light inside the room. Eowan put a hand inside his backpack and pulled forth a sunrod. A second later the light of many torches shone into the room. As Eowan and the light were still outside the room we could only see a big statue standing in the centre of the room. To the right was a wall, behind the statue we could see a wall as well. What was to the left we could not yet make out.

Eowan entered slowly first with his light as well did Equilibria. But when Lilsy entered and made his way towards the statue the doors slammed shut and before we could do anything bars hit home inside the doors. Later we heard that Lilsy had triggered the big statue, which was a mechanation of some kind. It's huge stone sword had made an 360 degree arc around himself and slammed Lilsy against the wall. Gründahl took his hammer and started to slam it against the door. As it seemed it did not have enough effect I warned him that I would try my magic against it. I entered into a trance and started to mumble words of magic. Winds started to arise around me and lashed out against the doors. The doors shuddered while I kept it up, somehow Grundahl was still able to hit the doors with his hammer as well and not soon after the door was ripped apart and slammed inside. Steel bars which kept them shut from above fell to the ground when their support was ripped from under them. Mere doors were not going to split our party.

Inside we found six other statues. Two statues of dragons of some kind were in the left side corners of the square room and four smaller ones were in the four corners of an square room that was attached to this one. Equilibria had already found out that getting to close to the dragons was folly as well. They blasted her backwards as she entered their area. She flew back towards the big central statue. The huge sword made its arc again, but before the sword was close enough to deal damage she disappeared and popped back into existance near the doors again. 'I wish I was able to do feats like that' Tyrr thought.

We found out that there was a way around the big statue when we hugged the right wall. It didn't make Tyrr feel safe but the statue kept still and the sword rested in his hands.

Eowan was the first to make it to the backside of the statue were he found the last four statues. Small womanlike statues holding pots on their heads. In some parts of the world this was the way people moved their water around. Eowan obviously thought that the statues would do something to him when he passed between them so he made a quick move and stepped past them as fast as he could. Too bad this wasn't the way the trap worked. When he got through the statues started to bend over and release the water they were holding inside their pots. And there sure was more inside then their size would normally allow. The water somehow magically created a barrier around the square the statues were in. Eowan was trapped inside and the water was starting to rise. This didn't start of being to dangerous, but when the water started to move around and Eowan was unable to transport himself outside of the trap by magic things turned bad. There wasn't enough room for all of us to stand close to the barrier to do anything. Equilibria and Ziruna started to push the statues and Gründahl was working on a plan to move the big statue close to the barrier and have the sword do it's thing. Lilsy made a daring jump to the big statue and thankfully was there before the sword could cleave her in two.
Eowan was trashing inside the whirlpool and was thrown against all corners of the trap. Luckily Equilibria's plan worked and they were able to unbalance the smaller statues and push them inside. The first one was actually more dangerous for Eowan as it was just behind Eowan in the stream and would surely bruise him when the statue reached him. The fall of the second statue dropped the barrier though and the ones who were standing there were washed towards the central statue. With some deft skill and some bruises they made their way outside the reach of the sword again. By then Lilsy had found some kind of hole inside the statue when she climbed on it. Gears and chains and all kinds of mechanical things were inside and she started to destroy them with snapping of bands and throwing things inside. She is a good girl with locks, but Tyrr guessed she wasn't so good with the handy work that was inside the statue. She finally did something to it to make the statue go crazy before it finally overdid itself and died on the spot. Lilsy was thrown away in the force of the move though. We had a way through the traps to the other double doors at the end.

Tyrr sighed a sigh of relief as they came to the second set of double doors, they had survived these tests, though they could have probably done better. That mattered no more now though. But what was behind this next set of doors then? More tests? Kalarel? the dragon perhaps?

They opened the doors and looked into a first smaller chamber. At the other side another set of double doors let into a large temple of some kind. We could see a pit in the floor and an alter at the other side of the temple. Someone was lying on the altar, bleeding prefusely. Only one man was lying there, but the blood of many was flowing towards the hole in the ground. This surely was not natural. A man was standing beside the altar with his back towards the group. He was doing something to the corpse and it seemed wasn't aware the group had entered his domain.

They slowly made their way inside the temple. When they entered the main temple room they found out there was more than just the man at the altar. Dread creatures were standing to the left of the room. Without a word another fight was on. The man had turned around and ordered his minions to destroy us. And once more they almost did just that. Two had immense weapons and were cleaving holes in their defenders, others were actually crawling over the ceiling and dropping in our midsts. Their leader had some kind of healing powers and the wielders of weapons just went berserk the more they bled. It didn't take that long, but once more we were hurt quite badly.

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