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Session 9 (Tyrr)

Douven found..

Tyrr's story

7 Nightal, 1479 DR

Finally! I found my mentor. Though we first had to fight through two impressive drakes and some mean halflings who sure had some skill with their slings. The humans in the group were obviously not much more than diggers, they didn't stand a chance against us. And the gnome had a nasty crossbow, but when his friends were on the ground we got close he turned pale and surrendered almost immediately. Not that I had any interest in him. My eyes were on someone who was lying beneath a piece of cloth in the back of the dig. I was almost certain, before seeing any feature that it must be Douven under there. I raced there and used my powers to lift the blanket before I was even there. And sure enough, there he was. Tied down and bleeding. I quickly saw he was far beyond my skills of healing, so I called our friend dwarf over. Can't really remember if I was calling him over or if I was slightly hysteric. I didn't come this far to find him almost dead. No way I was going to have to tell his wife about his unfortunate death. But both me and Douven were in luck, Gründahl was able to heal most of his wounds. Though there must have been something more wrong with him. He wasn't really glad to see me or even really happy about being rescued. The wise thing for him was to go to Winterhaven, take a good nights rest and return home. But he was adamant that he should go home immediately.

Ziruna had found dragon bones in the digging area and was transporting them over to us, but according to Douven they were of a young shadow wyrm instead of an ancient one like the one we were suspecting to find here. The others had made the gnome talk and learned that they weren't looking for the dragon but for some mirror. We found the mirror, but it looked normal enough and none of us thought it was magical. Things were wrong in this place, but we couldn't tell why. And we weren't going to learn anything new here. But the worst info we learned from the gnome is that the man behind this dig was actually that fool of a shopkeeper, Bairwin. Damn! That bumbling fool payed the gnome to retrieve the mirror, he tricked us after all. That man was in for another visit and this time it was gonna be a lot more difficult for the man.

We took our leave from Douven, which was quick and quite without much feeling. I didn't really think much of it at first, my mind was on Bairwin. He did leave us his amulet of health though. The gnome had taken it, but it had the picture of Douven's wife in it. He only wanted the picture and gave the amulet to the group. To the group. As if I was just one of the group and had no special bond with him. The group was good enough to let me have it anyway. I still don't understand why he was like that, but I was going to remember his good side by holding on to his amulet. I would look him up one day again, but not any time soon. I had found my way into the world and more important things were to be done with my life. He was the key into the world, he wasn't my destination.

We moved back to the town of Winterhaven, our mind set on having some words with the shopkeeper. Dealing with him once and for all. But what we found there wasn't what we were expecting at all. We entered his shop, which happened to be closed. But that wasn't much of a problem for our halfling. Bairwin was behind the counter, but when he saw the door open, he was through the backroom door in a flash. All of us except Equiliria and Eowan, who stayed outside to check if he wasn't going to leave through the backdoor, made our way after the man. But it wasn't the backdoor he was going for, but a secret door in the backroom. This led to a stars going downwards and we rushed after him. We entered a large gloomy room, it was far too large to be under the shop alone. I couldn't see too much of it at first. My eyes aren't as good as others in the group. The place was some kind of dark temple. And Bairwin wasn't the only one in there. He made his way towards the black altar at the end of the room. Two candles were on the alter throwing eerie shadows through the room. Lilsy who had moved forward first and was already brandishing her blades was shouting not to stand on the carpet which was stretched on the ground between the pews. It apparently had some evil touch to it. This didn't stop Ziruna though, he didn't notice it and was only confused at the words about carpets holding evil. We were thrown into combat we didn't plan and Equilibria and Eowan were still outside. I hoped they heard the sounds of combat, we were going to need them and need them soon.

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