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Session 10 (Lilsy)


Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

The battle with Bairwinn and his shady allies was very close! We all got knocked out once or twice and it was a near-death experience for everyone. I managed to patch up Gründahl when he was an inch away from death while Bairwinn was hurling spells at us, Ziruna got patched up by Eowan who got patched up by Equilibria and Tyrr. Equilibria got then blasted by Bairwinn and was patched up again. Between all our time lying bleeding on the floor we did manage to see the end of Bairwinn! Filthy traitor!

There was a load of money in a chest in the house, but no loot otherwise. All the fancy stuff he had in his shop were all gone! Boohoo! I so wanted those beautiful gloves! I should have robbed him earlier! There was a note there which read:

Your latest shipment of supplies should meet
the keep's needs until the ritual is finished, which
should be any day now. I will send word if we
require anything else. Rest assured that you will
be rewarded by for your actions on behalf of Shar
once Shadraxil is released from his prison.


What keep are they talking about? Is this the old ruin outside the village or is this Thunderkeep? When I suggest the latter, I get practically mauled by Gründahl, so maybe I shouldn't bring this up again. Tyrr finds some other books and stuff and does a weird dance which he insists is a mythical ritual! He blabs a bit about the book being full of evil rituals for Shar. Well, seeing as he found it on an altar in a temple for Shar, that doesn't sound too odd! We decide to go inform Lord Pedraeg. Gründahl and Equilibria stay behind to guard Bairwin's Grand Shop & Temple!

Load Pedraeg is flabbergasted to say the least. He doesn't seem to (want to) believe that Bairwinn is the cult leader in Winterhaven. He quickly summons Linora and tries to keep the news from the butler (but fails). We head to the inn and show all the evidence (and the EVIL carpet) to Sister Linora and Lord Pedraeg. Equilibria and Gründahl have been so nice to cut the evil carpet in six pieces and roll the bad guys in them. After Lord Pedraeg had seen it all, Gründahl takes everything and tosses it on a great fire and burns everything. I could swear I sometimes saw a wisp of purple smoke! Pretty!

The night was kinda boring because nobody really felt like partying even if we did just wipe out a cult of Shar! Valthrun has all kinds of useful information about the ruins near Winterhaven and Shadrabalaxil etc. He says that Shadranaxlsasaxyl was defeated by a knight who afterwards went mad and destroyed all his loved ones and fled into the crypts of the castle. The knight was never seen again, but the keep (near Winterhaven) was tainted and a lord ordered it destroyed. Shardraxaxaxyl was not killed but trappen in some kind of magical prison! Exciting! (and just a tad scary). So, probably, we should investigate the ruins next (yay, flowers!) because that 's probably where Kalarel will be. I pointed Valthrun at the books in Bairwinn's basement. Maybe that he can find some extra information there. He still doesn't have any space to let out to Tyrr.

The next day I first pick up my climber's kit (and order some lock picks) and then we head off to the keep. There are lots of villagers waving us off. They call us the "Heroes of Winterhaven!". Yay! I find a huge amount of flowers on the way there. I put as many in my hair as I can. I'll pick up more on the way back for Delphina. The way up the mountain (where the keep is) we think we are followed but when I backtrack I don't see any one. After a while we get to the keep, but no goblins! Boohoo! There seems to be an obvious entrance going into the mountains, so we will check out that next! Exciting!

Love, your sister Lilsy, Hero of Winterhaven!

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

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