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Session 5 (Tyrr)

A kobold hideout

Tyrr's story

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

They left the town and took the fork leading southeast towards where the Kobold lair was supposed to be. Full of spirit and ready to take on anything that was thrown at them. Lilsy still babbling about fresh flower she got from Eowan, Equilibria looking distracted, Gründahl muttering something about not understanding the flowerthing and Ziruna alert as always.

It didn't take long before another group of kobolds decided we were ripe for the picking. How Gevarn had ever gotten throught without being attacked was a wonder. This time there was more to the group of kobolds than last time. Some kind of shaman was part of this group and soon not only spears and sling stones but also fiery bolts were menacing the group. Ziruna quickly took control and they spread out to take on the kobolds. Gründahl took the centre and took quite a beating. Though it seemed the dwarf was made out of pure rock. He took pain stoically while Lilsy kept on running around the kobolds stabbing them left and right. Tyrr couldn't quite see what happened with the shaman and his protection. But it didn't take long before Eowan and Equilibria came back from taking care of that part of the fight. Tyrr actually stood a b it back from the fight hurling ice towards the kobolds. Luckily for Tyrr Ziruna intercepted a kobold that was trying to walk around the fight to take care of the wizard. Though the kobold got around towards Tyrr afterall when Ziruna's help was direly needed with the others. But before the kobold do any real damage the rest of the kobolds were down and the group converged on the last kobold who was taken down quickly.

Tyrr drew a breath of relief. Truly he had made the right choice, if he had had to deal with only a small part of this group of kobolds he would have fallen. He needed the group and it seemed he thought proudly he made quite a good addition to the group. Gründahl had to take some time to regain his strength, but the rest seemed reasonably unhurt. If this was the most the kobolds would be able to throw at them they might be done with the mission soon enough. The kobolds even had some money on them. And even better, the group found their first clue to the involvement of Shar. The shaman had a small dragon statue with the colors of Shar on it what he had been using as a holy symbol. It might be a coincidence, but this might make the words of Linora more true. The kobold shaman had also been wearing somekind of dragonmask which was quickly taken by Lilsy to actually wear for herself. Tyrr laughed, happy little halfling. How could one so seemingly innocent do such damage in combat without thought. Tyrr gave a wink and made a small roar appear from the mask so only Lilsy could hear it. She looked up in surprise and Tyrr was only just able to keep from grinning broardly.

After this they found tracks which they could follow towards hopefully the kobold lair. It took a while and a quite confusing forest before they came to an open piece of land inside the forest and they knew they totally lost track of the kobolds and had no idea where to go. This didn't take long, but not because of themselves. They were met by a local elf huntress who pointed them the way to the kobold lair. What this elf was doing here was as much a mystery as anything else. She was still in the inn before the group left the town. What did this elf have in mind, or was it just more coincidence?

A plan was quickly made when Lilsy came back from scouting the lair. The kobolds had taken to make camp around a waterfall. There were more kobolds than before and they didn't want to head in there heads over heels. Lilsy was to lure a few of the kobolds into a trap. But the kobolds weren't so easily tricked and rather tried to skewer Lilsy from afar with thrown spears than to follow. She was able to take out two before she thought to retreat with a spear lodged in her left leg. This made her scream it out in pain which foiled the rest of the plan as this was too much for Gründahl and he sprinted to the rescue of the halfling. She had managed to get away before we got too close and no kobolds were following. Quickly a new plan was though of when Lilsy spoke more about the kobolds whereabouts and the apparent weaker kobolds who could be taken out with a single shuriken. For some reason five kobolds had decided to group a single location and this brought forward the idea for Tyrr to raise a cloud of pure coldness around that group and simply run in and kill the rest.
This appeared to work properly as kobolds fell left and right and the fight seemed to end quickly enough. Too bad one kobold ran into the waterfall shouting for something. Tyrr could not understand, but most probably it was to call for help. Gründahl followed into the fall, but quickly came out again while shouting there were at least ten more inside. What to do? Fall back or go on?

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