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Session 11 (Ziruna)

Entering the ruins

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

With some trepidation we made our way through the rubble of the ancient keep. Not a single sound was to be heard. I checked for any sign of life but not a trail was to be found. If a cult was active here, it was in very shrouded secrecy.

In the middle of the ruins we found an entrance to a staircase descending into the dark depths. After a bit of discussion, Gründahl and me decided to lead the party into the depths. Tyrr made a magical light and we started the descent.

Pretty soon though, we heard a cry: "Intruders, intruders!" and we saw the head of a goblin from around the corner at the bottom of the staircase. So much for surprising any inhabitants. We did decide to press on however, with swords and spells at the ready.

At the bottom of the staircase we entered a room with four pillars in each corner, from which torchlight provided us with enough light for normal vision. Tyrr put out his magical light, and as he did so we spotted another goblin standing in a corridor on the opposite side of the room.

I started to move toward the goblin but Gründahl was a lot faster. This was not to his advantage however; the moment he charged onto the middle of the chamber, the floor opened up below him and he fell into a sort of pit.

This made the subsequent attempts to reach the goblin a lot harder, and on top of that a few of his friends appeared as well. They started to shoot crossbows at us from across the pit, and this hurt a lot. I quickly decided to move out of sight and move towards them along the eastern edge of the room.

Meanwhile Lilsy was hiding herself behind the pillars on the western edge; she was set up to deal a few deadly blows to those goblins who dared enter the room from the south.

Luck was not with us though, as when I moved past the corridor that went off to the east, two more goblins appeared. I was forced to deal with them myself as Tyrr was near and had to be protected. Eowan meanwhile took the western route towards the goblins in the southern corridor, in order to deal with those.

Lastly, Equilibria was doing double duty by both cursing the goblins with her fey magic, as well as helping Gründahl out of the pit, which also contained a score of nasty rats. This took a bit of rope skill, during which Lilsy and Eowan tried to keep one side of the defenders busy, and Tyrr and me the other side.

It was a heavy battle, and Eowan was hovering on death's door, but we did survive. That is, one of the goblins on my side ran away (after having been blasted back by Tyrr's magical thunderwave), through a heavy curtain in a side corridor. I dared not follow though as everyone was just getting to their feet. Moreover, just as I thought we would be safe again, Gründahl walked past the corridor to the west and got hit by yet another crossbow bolt -- which made him collapse on the spot.

That was the point where I'd had enough, we simply had to regroup. I kept an eye out on the curtain to make sure we weren't overrun by a horde of goblins, and tried to commandeer everyone back out to the surface. Luckily everyone agreed with this assessment, and everybody helped to drag Gründahl out again. We were not attacked during this scramble, for which I am grateful.

Once we were all out we found ourselves a bit of a secluded spot with some rubble, where we could still keep an eye out over the entrance. With a bit of rest Gründahl was back on his feet. Hopefully we are able to go in again; I feel it is our duty to at least try again, in order to save Winterhaven from the cult of Shar.

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