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Session 32 (Equilibria)

Struck down

Equilibria's thoughts

16 Nightal, 1479 DR

I guess this is it. I can't feel large parts of my body anymore, as a terrible cold has taken hold of my limbs. My head is feverishly hot though, and I'm not sure if all that I remember is correct... Where did we go wrong?

Attacking the Chamber's first few rooms separately worked out pretty OK. After Gründalh fell down from his climbing of the balcony, Eowan remembered he could teleport to the balcony and then hoist up the dwarf... and then I remembered I could help with that. In short order, we were all up, and took the small door inward. What followed then was one big battle, spread out over several rooms. It was never our intention to get multiple groups on our heads, instead trying to pick our enemies off one by one. That, however, wasn't in the cards.
The fights were over pretty quick, and nobody was really really hurt, but they took their toll nonetheless. Battleweary, we split up and charged into the actual Chamber of Eyes where we found a lot of hobgoblins and a gigantic dire wolf waiting for us. Our entries weren't synchronized which led to a lot of arrows flying towards our frontrunners.

We took the room, but a lot of our blood has flown and was it me or did Gründahl's healing prayers become less effective? We captured a human mercenary though, and after some threats he said that the duergar probably have the slaves, since yesterday. Gah! Too late again!
Quickly we searched the rest of the temple and we found several hidden alcoves, containing a magical warhammer and some sort of potion. We also found a statue of a half human female/ half serpent thing.

Taldoth, the prisoner, also told us that the band that employed him had killed a dwarven party some days ago. He "agreed" to lead us there. As we search the killing site, we found some tracks of a dire boar. We surmised that this had been Ulthand Deepgem's party and pet...

Quickly we devised a plan to capture a dire boar and started to follow the tracks. After more than half an hour of following new tracks joined the boar's. It seemed he'd already been taken. To ascertain the boar's whereabouts, we followed the new party's tracks.
An hour and a half later, we stumbled into an underground town, totally deserted. It seemed to have been inhabited by minotaurs. Lilsy went ahead to scout and found a particularly large house, more like an estate, really. The door was closed and locked, but the weird bone key we retrieved from the wight earlier that day, fit perfectly. The doors are opened, but a horrendous rumbling accompanied that so our presence was known!

Inside there was an enormous room, in which a spectre was performing a ritual. Necrotic energies flared around a certain spot and on that spot we saw the remains of a dire boar. As we watched, it was transformed into a skeleton version of it, a vile abomination!
We blundered inside and tried to stop the spectre and the skeleton boar, but we had underestimated the spectre. First, some of the pillars inside the room, adorned with skulls and bones (or maybe made from them?) attacked anyone of us who got close to them. By chance, I was the first in, and that blow hit me full on, bouncing me across the floor. The spectre, which had by now identified himself as Al'al'bani, also summoned four skeleton warriors, walking corpses. Undead they may have been, but they were skilled and used rudimentary tactics to keep our group split up and reeling. I guess we never really recovered. While we scrambled for a tactical advantage, Az'al'bani showed his final card and turned invisible.
Cut off from my friends and surrounded by animated architecture, I was horrified when I heard the spectre command his minions to take me: "Take the Fey Child!" Guess my connection with the Fey Wild is as easy to see for necromancers as I see their connection with the Shadowfell. Soon I was surrounded and struck down. I think they dragged me towards the spot where the boar was sacrificed, as the same greenish glow filled my vision and the same mumbling filled the room. The cold now filling me then entered my body. Cold... so cold!

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