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Session 7 (Tyrr)

A spy to find..

Tyrr's story

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

Coughing and breathing hard Tyrr looked upon the scene of death. Eowan was already stumbling around, Gründahl was starting to rise and Ziruna was still out cold. Equilibria and Lilsy seemed not to be hurt too much. While Tyrr was dragging Ziruna towards a safer spot away from the cave Equilibria went to take a quick look if the runaway kobold could still be found. That little rascal Lilsy did her usual thing of collecting valuables and goodies from the corpses. Tyrr shook his head, they were kobolds true, but should their corpses be looted after death. It didn't take long before Lilsy came back with the goblins huge axe and armor and Equilibria came back to report there was no sign of the kobold anymore. Too make sure the group was safe for now Lilsy offered to check out the cave if any kobolds were left. After some care and some time Eowan and Gründahl were properly up and about and Ziruna was showing signs of life again aswell.

From the shadows Lilsy suddenly appeared again shaking Eowan a bit as she left to enter the cave on one side and coming back a totally different. She dumped another mail on the ground and gave a lot of gold to Ziruna for the group. She said it was about 400 gold, mighty rich kobolds these were Tyrr thought. The mail appeared to be of expert work and probably magical, but none of the group could get any feeling what the magic was about. After this Tyrr decided it was as good and safe time as any to have a proper look at the magical circle they had found outside the cave earlier. He was followed quickly by some others who were curious as well. Without much hesitation, Eowan stepped into the circle as it was safe for the kobolds as well. This immediately answered the question why the kobolds had rallied around the point in the earlier fight. The circle held some kind of arcane magic that gave the person who was standing inside it a lot more focus in combat. Good thing we started that fight with an area spell over the circle of magic so they had to leave, things might have gone otherwise then. The circle was overgrown with old plants and moss, so this surely had been for quite a while. That ruled out the kobolds having made it and saved the group from a strong adversary as it sure was a feat of power to create such a circle. Gründahl tried to remove a stone from the circle but thoroughly failed in his attempts. Guess destroying it was out of the order.

But what Lilsy also found on the body of the goblin, who was apparently named Irontooth, was a note to addressed to him. It told the group a spy was active in Winterhaven. About a group that might be of trouble, that might be us Tyrr thought. And even worse that the town will fall under the spell of Shar within a few days. They were opening some kind of rift. A spy? Tyrr thought, this might be that shopkeeper that wears the colors of Shar, but would he dare wear those colours so obviously or does he just like the colours. The information on the note quickly turned into a discussion within the group on what to do. Equilibria was fervently against going back to Winterhaven and pointed out a night in the forest was as good as any bed in an inn. Ziruna was very against not going to Winterhave as he craved a bed and a good night's sleep after the ordeal of the fight. Tyrr wanted to go back aswell. He wanted to inform to lord of their findings aswell, and with approval of the lord the priestess should be told as well. This immediately was countered with the opinion that the lord could be the spy aswell and that the group should solve the mystery without the help of others. 'But if the lord was the spy, wasn't the town lost already?' Tyrr returned. And what of the kobold that had escaped? Would they be better of with help or without not knowing if the help was useful? They decided to return and keep both the extermination of the kobolds and the information about the spy a secret. Except for the lord ofcourse. Little did they know their efforts would be for not as soon the whole town would know of their kobold conquest.

With great care they made their way back to the town as they didn't want to come across any more ambushes. They were alive, but most weren't really up for another fight. As soon as they came into view of the town it quickly appeared that the fields around the town were abandoned by the farmers. And the guards were acting very nervously. Something was in the air and people were not comfortable. 'Was this part of the opening of the rift mentioned in the note?' Tyrr thought. The market was still there, but some had already left and others were already packing up. The dwarven smith was following their passage with his eyes as the group made their way to the gates of the seperate compound of the lord. The lord was already having a visitor and they should return in about an hour. While Lilsy was warned and explained not to tell anyone about their adventures, this extra hour might serve to be a problem. Lilsy was not to tell anyone about it, but she was surely going to find a loophole and somehow get the information out anyways. Tyrr did not know if she did this on purpose or if she just couldn't help herself. This called for some immediate action and some of Tyrr's talents he hadn't needed to use for a while. Though lately his magical powers had mostly been about combat, he had a scala of tricks up his sleeve as well. Lights, sounds, smells and objects appeared and played around the table the companions occupied. And it actually worked, Lilsy was kept busy just long enough for them to return for their meeting with the lord. Equilibria being the only one not going to the inn had herself a meeting with the shopkeeper outside and even getting some kind of date out of it, but the group would learn about that later though.

The lord was glad to learn that the threat of the kobolds was taken care of but not nearly as happy to be told that sister Linora was right about a cult of Shar being involved. The group told him about what happened and about the note. Lord Padraig agreed that something needed to be done and asked the group to help him out some more. He said there was no problem that the town was told about the kobolds, but the spy business was to be kept a secret. After leaving the lords estate the butler thanked the group, though they weren't sure for what. Soon were they to learn that he had overheared the conversation and was already spreading the news around the town. After that they made their way towards the temple to inform sister Linora as well.

This done they returned to the inn for a much needed rest and/or relaxation. Ziruna went straight for bed, Equilibria went to prepare for her date, Lilsy went around to boast her prowess and Eowan, Gründahl and Tyrr went for talks and some drinks.

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