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Session 22 (Tyrr)

Kalarel at last..

Tyrr's story

10 Nightal, 1479 DR

Only one way to go further.. Downwards.. Low chanting was coming from the depths. We were to follow the blood that had already spilled down. A bath of blood was directly below the hole and no way of seeing how deep it was. Chains were leading down as well, but far too slippery with blood for even Lilsy she found out when she tried to climb down. She landed in a pool of blood only about 20 centimeters deep, saved only from damage by her quickness of foot and dexterity. A little more help in the name of a rope was needed for the rest of us. An extra safeline was made for Gründahl as he made his way down, but he slipped anyway and Eowan and Tyrr couldn't hold his weight when he lost his hold and started to drop down. Tyrr had only a split second to to react and to choose between using his inner powers to rescue Gründahl falling or using that same power to save himself when his turn was up to climb down. Luckily there was no doubt in his mind and certain drops went before things that might happen in the future. Magic words rolled from Tyrr's mouth as he pointed a finger at Gründahl. Suddenly Gründahl's quick drop halted almost totally and he started to float down towards the pool of blood. Luckily for Tyrr his companions decided to enlarge their chance of survival by creating a safety net of a cloak below the rope. Tyrr slipped halfway down from the rope as well and having no more floatation tricks in his sleeve he went down hard. He actually slammed through the cloak that was now in tatters. Tyrr rose from the bath dripping with blood.

Others had some more time to have a look around before the whole group was safely down the rope. Another temple like area was down here. A raised area was holding another altar, a huge statue of a beautiful woman was to one side and a wide portal with some kind of magic circle before it on the other. Tyrr shuddered as they were obviously witnessing the last verges of an almost complete ritual of Shar. Kalarel was standing by the altar and a book was floating just above it. This was most probably a ritual book holding the ritual that was being held here. Two skeletons with swords were standing guard just below the stairs leading up to the altar. And some other hideous creature was holding it's place on the other side of the room. But what was probably the scariest thing in the area was the portal. Tyrr and the others had heard some kind of portal was being opened to return the dragon to the world, but they had no idea the awful darkness that was coming from the portal. Hands and long arms were reaching from the what must be the other side, trying to claw their way into our world. They could not get through but it was a sight of constant fluid motion reaching in our world. The dragon would not be coming alone. The ritual needed stopping and it needed stopping now.

Ziruna probably had the same idea. He didn't think long before he unleashed his powerful sword and made his way for the skeletons. We weren't in good shape, but we could not let this ritual come to completion. The skeletons were tough and the thing on the other side was making Gründahl's task quite hard, but Kalarel was by far the greatest threat. The group's spells and attacks hit a lot, but he just kept on absorbing them. And when he made his way towards the glowing circle of magic it seemed to heal him aswell. When the group kept harassing the enemy Tyrr had the chance to have a quick look at the ritual book. This was a ritual of Shar and was filled with evil. Taking no chances, not wanting to touch a book so filled with evil, Tyrr conjured a magic hand. First he used the hand to simply close the book, which already gave a satisfying reaction from the portal. Tyrr thought this book needed destroying to stop the ritual. He dared not read it for the chance of losing himself in it's words. It would take too much time and encompassed too much danger he thought. He used his mage hand to dump the book in a near torch, but simple fire was not going to do the trick. But the portal might just do the trick. Tyrr and the book moved towards the portal, but not wanting to put himself in a dangerous area he moved the book away from himself. The book moved towards the portal on it's own. He just forgot one little detail, he was flying the book straight toward the portal, this gave Kalarel the opportunity to intercept the book and remove it from Tyrr's magic hand. The hand was able to lift and manipulate objects, but it had no chance against a real hand. Kalarel grabbed the book before Tyrr could move it away and Kalarel moved back to his magic circle. The other's were doing heroic feats of fighting while this was happening, but it was getting far too close for comfort. There was just one thing left to try in Tyrr's head. If the book wasn't going into the portal alone, the book would have to go in while Kalarel was still holding it. Ziruna, Eowan and Gründahl were up front and left a perfect spot for Tyrr and his magics. Whips of thundering power flew from the ground engulfing Kalarel and his surroundings. He was able to stand the power of it all for many a second, but Tyrr just kept blasting him with his powers. Kalarel finally lost his ground and flew towards the portal. The hands coming from the portal enveloped this target greedily not knowing they were grabbing their own chance at freedom as well. Kalarel and the book dissapeared through the portal. This triggered a enormous shaking through the complex. The opposite statue crubmled to dust and we were trembling on our feet. It didn't take that long anymore after the trembling stopped to take out the remainders of Kalarel's minions. We were all still alive, but only barely.

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