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Session 35 (Hildegarde)

Tripping the troglodytes

Hildegarde's voice

17 Nightal, 1479 DR

After we made ourselves scarce and left the Hall, Surina told us that the duergar she "questioned" told her that the slaves we held in the Horned Hold. Tyrr immediately scoffed at that, but we must say that we liked the additional confirmation. Amazingly, she also got some directions so in a happy mood we set out for a brisk walk.
After only a few minutes we encountered the nervous old man called Vadriar. He was looking for -- well we're not sure anymore. But after some awkward dialogue we surmised that he wants to do something about "the invasion" and "the troglodytes" he mentioned last time. The problem was that he couldn't talk about them -- he told us he was cursed in some way. We know, it sounds silly but we saw him try to talk about the details and he just cramped up. Weird!
With some hinting, sketching and guessing, however, we assembled this story: apparently the troglodytes (lizard/frog-like beings fond of water, often hired by more intelligent evil beings, or so Tyrr said) are using the cisterns to come below the Seven Pillared Hall. The Hall's foundation is two enormous pillars, and the troglodytes are trying to destroy those. The results would be catastrophic for the Hall!

The rest of the group didn't really like most of the inhabitants of the Hall, but nonetheless we agreed that such a massacre would be A Bad Thing. (If only, as was pointed out by Lilsy we think, because we wouldn't get our rewards for our various errants if the Hall didn't exist anymore...) So it was decided that we and Vadriar would first try to stop the troglodytes.

Pretty soon (half an hour later?) we moved into a short hallway, at the end of which were a few troglodytes and a grick, a purplish worm. We immediately charged them, confident in our ability to quickly squash them. That, however, was not the case. The troglodytes and the worm were hard to hit and surprisingly tough. They also exuded a terrible stench, which made it hard for us to focus. The terrain didn't favour us either, as the narrow corridors cramped our style. Moreover, the hall stopped with a 20 feet drop, only reachable by a narrow and slippery slope. It also turned out that there were more than two troglodytes, and more than one worm down below.
We won't bore you with all the details, but let's just say that we were glad Surina was along (she seemed unaffected by the stench). At one point, we had to help Lilsy shake of her injuries, and a quick application of bandages stemmed the loss of blood. After that, the paladin of Moradin helped her back on her feet, as he did with Ziruna as well.

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