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Session 2 (Tyrr)

A good deed done.

Tyrr's story

1 Nightal, 1479 DR

Tyrr ran around a few buildings to get to the main square again but this time from a different angle. He was breathing heavily and coughing all the way. Just before the last corner to the square he took a few seconds to get a breather and gather his mental thoughts. He swung around the corner ready to spread some more of his cold powers to the enemy, but it seemed the fight was already over. He heard footsteps running to the gates and corpses were all over the place. The Eladrin seemed to be alive and well still but he was bending over someone who was lying on the ground. Was it one of his companions perhaps? Tyrr rushed over and quickly noticed it was the dwarf he met earlier. Tyrr guessed by the look of worry on the face of the Eladrin he was also of his group, that made four. The dwarf wasn't dead yet it seemed, the Eladrin had staunched the bleeding. But would it be enough to keep him alive was another question.

'Let's get this dwarf inside, friend Eladrin' Tyrr said to the Eladrin. And without comment they lifted the dwarf inside and set him down on a bench. The Tiefling was already inside and was talking to a human. By the way they spoke they were unfamiliar with each other and Tyrr could hear from the words spoken that it was this man that the group of attackers was looking for. Tyrr used his learned knowledge to heal the dwarf just enough so that he could wake up, drink and eat some and use his own inner powers to regain strength. After this he joined the Tiefling and the holy man, which was obvious by the clothing and symbol of Chauntea. His name was Gevarn, an acolyte of Chauntea of the nearby town of Winterhaven. His story told us of the evil of the cult of Shar that was taking place in his town. He was sent out to get help to prevent the cult from doing any acts of darkness. He was lucky that we happened to be in this village and were willing to protect an obvious innocent village. And in us he hoped to have found the help he was looking for.

The Eladrin had already gone outside to check on the whereabouts of the dragonborn. He returned after a short time with both the Eladrin, a halfling and the mayor of this village. Both the inkeeper and the mayor were full of gratitude and immediately offered us a place to stay and food and drink. This opened up some discussion about the dwarf not being allowed the offered ale, Tyrr had no idea what this was about. The halfling was literally bouncing through the inn, chattering away about the powers of luck and strength of the dragonborn. The way she said it was filled with wonder, so that ruled out her being a fifth member of the group. Names were announced and hands were shaken. The story of Gavern was told anew and help was asked once more. The town of Winterhaven was as good as any from where Tyrr could start his search for Douven. It was in the middle of the Thunder Peaks and they might have some information on him. And travelling in a group was always safer than alone. Tyrr would join the group for now and hear what the head priestess had to say, maybe if he helped them they would feel obliged to help Tyrr in his search as well. And the other group seemed friendly enough.

So it was the next day that the group of seven took their gear and went on their way into the Thunder Peaks. The first day they travelled to a dwarven outpost that was guarding the east side of the Thunder Peaks. A good way point and they offered free lodging and food. It was here that he found out that the group had a lot more to offer Tyrr than he would have hoped. The dragonborn wrote down some log of his own, he would not allow Tyrr to read the log but freely shared his knowledge of the dragonborn. The Eladrin was as much interested in history and knowledge as well and the chairs around the fireplace were quickly filled with stories about far lands and people. Tyrr learned a lot but it was a shame when Ziruna, the dragonborn and Equilibria the Tiefling changed the conversation into a heated discussion of how things really were. They had obviously had this discussion before and it would probably not be the last time. Tyrr did not know whom to believe, so he wrote down both versions and he would have to research it later to find out which version was more true.

The next two days were uneventful travelling until we came to some kind of valley in the mountains. It was our first time in the mountains, so we were constantly on guard and watching around us as we were not accustomed to the sounds and sights. So it was uneventful only because nothing actually happened. But this was soon to change when we entered this valley..

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