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Session 3 (Tyrr)


Tyrr's story

5 Nightal, 1479 DR

The sun was shining brightly as Tyrr and his new companions emerged onto the valley plateau inside the Thunder Peaks. The weather was getting colder, but this sure wasn't going to affect the young magic user. He was used to far colder temperatures in Narfell. The others didn't seem to mind as of yet either, but this wasn't their main concern for long. While carefully navigating the path footprints of goblin kind were quickly found. This got the attention of the group and the speed was immediately slowed and weapons were drawn. The tracks seemed fresh enough, not as if they walked passed here minutes ago. Maybe this morning, but yesterday at least. Lilsy said something about checking out the surroundings, made a quick run for a nearby bush and disappeared in the foilage. Tyrr raised an eyebrow in amazement how quickly and adeptly she disappeared out of view. 'That must have taken some practice' he thought. The rest moved on as a group along the path, waving weapons and looking around actively.

Ziruna was trying to quiet the group as Tyrr was explaining to Equilibria certain facts about goblins and them not liking fey powers and Gruhndal was giving his opinion as well. Tyrr was just in time to stop talking and focus his attention to the surroundings again. Suddenly kobolds moved into sight from beyond rocks and started throwing spears. Eowan being the one that was walking in front was targetted by all four of them. A quick battle ensued where more kobolds appeared and got slaughtered by swords, hammers, ice and fey magic.

After this the party made their way for Winterhaven again. It took the rest of the day before the gates of Winterhaven were before them. This place looked a lot more secure than the village of Semmyr and proper guards were at the gates. It looked peaceful enough and hardly in any trouble of dark powers. Gevarn was greeted by name by the guards as they walked up to the gates. He explained the purpose of the group and they entered the town.

Gevarn pointed to the inn and said: 'That is the place you can stay at, please have a drink and eat some. I will go to my lady and announcer your arrival. Are you up to a meeting tonight or does it have to wait till tomorrow?'
'Tonight is fine!' squeeked lilsy quickly.
Some of the rest of the group raised their eyebrows or looked surprised but none commented on it. Grundahl split from the party to go to the temple, he always does that the others explained when Tyrr asked about it. The inn was a friendly enough place. Rooms not too expensive and the ale was of a good taste. But before they could take care of any of it, Tyrr was already questioning the keeper for information about Douven. He learned that Douven had been here and that he had been speaking with what the keeper affectionately called 'their farmer'. As the man was a farmer by profession, but he spent most of his time in the inn anyway. The rest of the group was nestling themselves at a table as Tyrr joined the farmer for information. And cheaply gotten information it was, a single beer was enough to get the man talking. Too bad the man spent most of his time in the tavern though. He knew where Douven was looking and knew a bit about the local history of Winterhaven. Tyrr was immediately interested in the history, but the man could only tell some small stories about what his father had told him. Guess he truly didn't have much of a life outside the inn. But what he was able to learn was that Douven was convinced that some refuse dump was a graveyard of somekind and that a dragon was burried there. Wow, Tyrr thought, a real dragon? Ziruna would be interested to hear this aswell.

Not long after that Gevarn returned to escort the group to the temple. Here they met the local high priestess. If we were to believe her, the poor woman had been contacted by Chauntea in her prayers and was told that Shar was contemplating doing bad things in Winterhaven. Though she could not tell us what was going to happen, who was going to do it and when things were to happen. The group was not really convinced they should be helping and if they did what it was they were going to have to do. Only after she made a promise that we would be meeting the local lord and that he would be able to pay us properly for our troubles some interest was created. There were just too much uncertainties to get a proper idea what was to be done. She said she would arrange a meeting with the lord for the next day and that we should go there tomorrow aswell. Tyrr was getting short on money and if he was going to have to stay in this place to look around for Douven he could use all the money he could get. He had no idea what the rest would do, maybe the lord had better ways of convincing them tomorrow.

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