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Session 6 (Tyrr)


Tyrr's story

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

They pulled back a bit away from the waterfall into a denser part of the woods to decide what to do. Some were in favor of going away and taking a rest before taking on the rest of the kobolds inside. Ziruna was for finishing the job immediately. The kobolds would surely have to leave the cave again and that might give the group a good chance of picking them off when they left. But who knew if there were more exits to the cave? And did they have time to examine the area for them? It was decided that they needed a good viewpoint over the waterfall so they at least could take out any goblin coming out of it. Though Lilsy decided a quick nap was in order and tried to make herself comfortable against a tree.

It didn't take long for a kobold head came popping out from behind the water. It took a quick look around and after not immediately seeing the group he started to move itself further to the outside. Powerwords were spoken and spell hurtled towards the kobold. He staggered backwards from the impact of Equilibria's spell, but managed to survive and quickly ran inside again.

Lilsy not quite asleep yet quickly found out there was more action happening, rushed forward and went to position herself beside the waterfall entrance. Tyrr suggested to make towards the other side of the stream so that they wouldn't be in the place the kobold knew about. This was taken up by Ziruna, Equilibria and Eowan and they quickly moved off a bit to cross the river without being seen from inside. Too bad Lilsy and Gründahl didn't hear of the plan, as Lilsy was already by the mouth of the waterfall and Gründahl was following her. When they noticed the rest moving towards the otherside they decided to do the same but then in front of the waterfall itself. Though they couldn't see inside the waterfall, the kobolds inside would surely have seen this movement by the shadows of their bodies. This might have ruined the simple plan if it wasn't that the plan wouldn't have worked anyway because the kobolds did indeed have other exits to both sides of the waterfall. These they used to work around the group and attack en mass. Though there were quite a lot of them, they weren't as strong as the companions so they wouldn't be a real problem. And quickly kobolds were falling to the powers of the group.

But that wasn't all that was hiding inside the waterfall, only shortly after the first kobolds started to fall another group came forth from the wall of water. The group held the stronger kobolds they had already met earlier and another of the shamans. But worst of all, a for it's race enormous goblin commanded them. Though he was smaller than most of the group, he had massive muscles and was wielding a large two handed axe. As they closed for combat the tide of the battle seemed to shift to worse for our group. The bigger kobolds didn't drop to the ground after one good hit and the goblin seemed to take hits as if he could take dozens more. Spells flew left and right, swords and daggers damaged organs and limbs everywhere. But the group was slowly getting worse. Healing was done to Gründahl as he was knocked down and could do almost nothing anymore but breathe heavily. He got up and fought valiantly to stop the kobolds reaching the others but was taken down once more. Eowan was taken down a little bit further away after having taken down numerous kobolds with his almost invisible blades of speed, there simply were too many. Ziruna was taking hit after hit. Tyrr was on the verge of taking the easy route and making himself scarce. But he decided against it, he considered these people as friends and he would try all he could even if it would kill him. And through the combined effort of the power of Equilibria's devastating spells, Lilsy's sabrequick blades, Tyrr's spells of immense cold and Ziruna's blade skills the group was able to stand and take down every last kobold. The goblin was took an immense amount of hits, but when all his companions were falling around him there was not much chance left. The kobold shaman was left for the last, but he died quickly as he was no warrior and could not do much when confronted with blades up close.

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