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Session 13 (Tyrr)

Digging for something

Tyrr's story

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

The goblin told us his name was Splug. He told us about some goblin leader who had his quarters behind the eastern door in the previous room. We decided to check it our before we went to explore the other places of this dungeon. No use leaving angry goblins on our backs.

We sent Lilsy in to have a look before the rest of us went in. After the fight I was actually starting to wonder the use of sending Lilsy in to scout. It seemed that she was going to attack the goblins anyway. There were two goblins in the room, sitting at a desk playing cards. So after the first stab of Lilsy we joined the fight. But before we could do anything to the second goblin, he had swiftly grabbed a small bell that was on the table and was ringing it loudly. This called for the rest of their friends to join the fight as well.

Things were looking kinda bad at first as goblins started to stream into the room. With the goblin leader following. But Eowan blew the biggest group appart with some fiery attack. It wasn't really much of a fight and the leader decided to make a run for it. We followed him, but for some reason he disappeared even though there was no way he could get past us and no other place to go.

Inside his room we found a chest, a bookcase and some beds. The chest was quickly opened, by none other than the halflings stealthy hands. We found gold inside and a magical wand. Only having feeling for orbs to channel my powers through I gave it to Equilibria. She was a little confused at first but after got the hang of it quick enough. It was a powerful item, and would be put to good use in her hands. The bookcase held mostly goblin books, probably not much use in translating them. But it also held a small diary in the words of a girl named Delphina. She was the flower girl from the market in Winterhaven. She was duped by Bairwinn, the same as Equilibria. Though Equilibria had the common sense to quit while she was ahead, this Delphina was not able to tell the tale completely. The book told us of the day she was in love and the day after that she found out what a man he truly was. She wasn't able to write the tale in full as she was probably dragged from her diary while writing. The last word was halfwritten and the last line of ink was dragged out over the page.

The signs of blood we saw earlier leaving to another door were quickly connected to her death and most of us made our way quickly there. There we found what was left of Delphina, she wouldn't be selling any more flowers on the market. What a waste of precious life. Whatever information would they have wanted to get from her. She also mentioned in her diary that some man was seen going through the ruins. Splug could tell us the same. Might this be Kalarel?

Not being able to find the goblins, we made our way deeper inside the depths of the ruins. Down the stairs we found earlier. This brought us to another stairs leading deeper, to some natural cave, and to a large room. For some reason the goblins had been digging into the room floor. Deep holes in the ground left only a few islands of floor left inside the room. A corner of the room had collapsed and a goblin was in the rubble. Two others were trying to get him from under there and a fourth goblin was on an island of floor on the other side of the room. Two drakes, the same we had seen earlier at the dragon digging site, were standing below as well. Splug was able to tell us they were looking for a mirror. The same we found? Or another one? We decided to surprise te goblins and take them out before they could do anything. Our muscle would hold the ramp leading down and we would quickly remove the planks leading to the islands. After that we would take them out with our ranged spells and attacks. This might have worked better if the goblins had only swords and no crossbows hanging at their belts..

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